Pressing Forward

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I’ve been thinking lately. Just thinking about how often we overcomplicate the simplest things.
I wrote a book over 5 years. 18,000 words. It took forever to send to a publisher because I was too fearful of rejection.
Well, the book was accepted by the publisher. After talking with him further about holes in the writing, I realized I needed to make major changes to the book. So I scratched 5 years of work and started over. 2 weeks and 28,000 words later – book completed.

We stop ourselves from reaching our highest potential. We do it. No one else. Just us.
Then we (I) ramble on and on about the reality of fear – placing it front and center stage in our lives, relating to each other based on how we experience the same kinds of fear… sharing our brokenness, being authentic and vulnerable and all those other words that ultimately bring healing. So needed- but I’ve noticed we seem to be getting stuck there in that place.
We are beauty from ashes. Meaning we emerge. Constantly in process, yes. But still moving through. Still pressing forward. Because ultimately, Jesus has paid the price. Has He not?
So, if we are going to claim Him, let’s claim all that comes with Him.

Healing. Sight. Belonging. Forgiveness. Victory. Freedom.

Writing those 28,000 words seemed so much easier this time around. What had changed? Nothing but me. I wasn’t hindering myself anymore. I was pressing through fear (even though I felt fearful) and writing. Doing it regardless. Pressing forward.
God does tell us not to be afraid… but He doesn’t tell us we can’t feel fear. I think because He wired us and knows we will feel fear when we step into new, unfamiliar territory.
He makes us brave. Bravery and fear can coexist. So, just ’cause you’re shaking in your boots doesn’t mean you’re not being brave. In fact, that’s probably a sign you are being brave.
Standing in the deep. Far from safety. Wondering why in the hell you came here.
And yet you’re right where you’re supposed to be.
This is the place where His strength meets your weakness and the miracle happens. It’s the breeding ground for Him to do what He does.
Don’t you stop. Keep pressing forward.


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