Follow Me.

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Jesus said “Follow Me.” He didn’t say “Follow those who follow me.”

On my journey of following Jesus I found myself submerged in Christian language, disciplines and ideas … but felt very far from the heart ofJesus. “How did I get here?” Discouraged, I asked Him.
“Who are you following?” He responded. “Come. Follow me.” As I read the scriptures and followed Jesus throughout the Word, I realized that a lot of what my life reflected was not what His reflected. When was the last time I had ever sat with someone who was going through a real shitty time and not try to fix them with scriptures but actually listen and be present in the discomfort with them? When was the last time I listened to understand and not to respond with some Christian cookie cutter response? Because that’s exactly what Jesus did. He pulled up a chair with the messy and broken.

I was convicted. I was humbled.
So, if you’re feeling really far off from the heart of Jesus I just want to encourage you by asking you the same question He asked me. “Who are you following?”

May our hearts always long to aline with the heart of Jesus. <3


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