Human Connection

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Sometimes when I’m driving alone I can feel my spirit cry out ‘take me away to a still place.’ The past few days have been full of joy, laughter, celebration and surrounded by people I love.

And now their physical presence has left Tennessee. It leaves a soreness in me.

I’m sitting here in the midst of scenic therapy and thinking about what it means to ‘do life’ together. It’s not an easy task. To let others into your space, your home, your heart… to work through the sticky moments, the misunderstandings. To be able to love and pour grace on wounds they cause and you cause them. Not because we hurt on purpose and out of a malicious spirit- but because we’re human and we are hurt ourselves…still on the journey of healing.

Authentic relationship takes work. In an ADHD culture, to find your tribe is quite a gift.

I don’t understand it. Why God has built us for connection and belonging and yet we find ourselves so often on the outside. On the fringe.
I guess I believe we are not as separated as we think we are. It’s a battle I fight constantly. I’m really no different than you. I struggle with the same shit you do. It just looks a little different.
Connection takes work. Consistency and work. I’m not always the best at connecting consistently. In fact, I tend to build walls and lots of them.

After a weekend filled with love and connection among a bunch of flawed people (myself included), I’m realizing the risk of connection is worth all that could go wrong.

So, as I sit here scratching a mosquito bite and gazing into a corn field, a quote I hear often rings loudly in my mind. …”Build a longer table, not a higher fence.” I’m in. I’m all in.


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