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I bought this today. I wanted so badly to pick the “Choose Gratitude” sign instead. But my heart wouldn’t let me walk away.
Tony tried to choose the “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” sign, but he too, could not walk away from this one.

Tony continued to shop while I stood there challenged- deeply challenged by these words.
The Spirit simply says to me, “Lay your weapons down.” My eyes fill with tears.
The words “it (love) keeps no records of wrongs” is all I can see, blurred through the tears.

And for that moment – they were all that mattered. All that I needed to read. All that I needed to feel.

I’m sitting here now and they’re calling out to me. “Lay your weapons down. Let it go. Stop trying so hard to fight battles that are made up in your head. You’re always in defense mode. Always protecting yourself. Waiting for the hurt. Expecting the hurt. Creating self fulfilling prophesies around disappointment and other people’s flaws. Finding theirs first to limit them finding yours. April. Love never fails. But first, you gotta lay your weapons down.” I don’t know how.
There is no easy, cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. But I’m willing to step into this unknown, scary as hell territory and let God show me a new way.
His way.

It’s gonna be worth it.


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