Stand & Fight

Just leaving work from a late night in the office. On the front lines. Taking calls.
Oh, my heart.
If you are struggling with addiction – you are not alone. Your situation is not hopeless. There is a lie in your mind telling you to give up. It’s telling you that you’re a disappointment and it will never get better.

This team I work with joins forces every day to fight back against the disease of addiction.

You fight. We fight. We’ll stand and fight together.
2 things I’m cherishing in my heart this evening;

1. Talking with a precious co worker who shared some of her story with me tonight and that she’s been clean for over 20 freakin’ years!!! 👏👊

2. Hearing these words from a client’s family in regards to one of our sweet and compassionate Treatment Specialists, “You treated her like a person, not an addict. That made all the difference.” Our daily interaction makes all the difference. The way we treat others. The way we battle together and not against one another. The way we stand in the gap for the broken. The way we listen to understand and not judge. The way we love.
It makes all the difference.

So, whether you need help – or you’re the helper. You matter. There is a place for you in the tapestry of love.
You are seen and I honor you for your honesty and courage … for your ability to stand and fight.

I used to think that messy people would make me messy. So I stayed away. I was suffocating from cleanliness. Thinking I was protecting myself but really I was just dying a slow, clean, protected death. I was an advocate for freedom- claiming freedom and victory as I tried harder and harder. I strived more. I pushed more. I performed more.
I was clean, tidy and in bondage.

Freedom is found in the messy places. It’s found in the midsts of brokenness. All the places I avoided are exactly the places where Jesus camps out.

He’s not afraid of messy or broken things.

He has the power of life. Abundant life. Resurrected life.

Dead things surely come alive in His presence.

There. Is. Hope.

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    • Thank you for reading and your comment. I’m glad it met you where you were. It’s always such an honor as a writer to give words to a person’s heart. <3

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