This past Saturday was lovely.

It was a hot, sunny, summer day.  Around 1pm I had the opportunity to sneak out to the pool (kid free) and have some alone time.

As I soaked in the rays I had this thought that I wanted to get out for dinner with a friend. As I was thinking about where I wanted to eat and who I wanted to spend time with, I heard The Holy Spirit say, “Don’t make plans for tonight.”

Back in the day I would question this “thought” and talk myself out of what I know I clearly heard.  But over time I have  learned to stop second guessing everything and trust that the same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in me and is in constant communion with me.

I didn’t think much about this word from God and just finished up my pool side alone time.

My daughter had been begging to go to the pool all week long and when she got home from her grandmother’s house on Saturday she asked could we go to the pool later that evening. It was the perfect night for a trip to the pool and I didn’t have any plans so I agreed to take her for a bit.

I told Trinity that while she swam I was going to spend some alone time with God and do some writing.  I swam with her for about 30 minutes and then sat down to write.

As I opened my notebook this young boy came to the side of the pool and started talking to me.  His name was Colton and he was as sweet as could be.  He was in 7th grade and new to the neighborhood.

He was extremely chatty and moved from one subject to the next.  I was happy to hear from him for about 5 minutes and then he started cutting into my alone time.  I felt myself starting to get annoyed that he wasn’t accepting the ‘hint’ that I was giving him for alone time.

As he continued to talk and I continued to feel annoyed, I heard The Holy Spirit say to me – “This is why I didn’t want you to make plans tonight.” I immediately surrendered my desire to write and turned by body and my attention towards Colton and just let him talk while I listened intently.

You guys – it was such a precious evening.

Colton started to share about how he got picked on at school because kids called him weird.  He was definitely socially ‘different’ but just because he didn’t have the same social queues as others didn’t mean there was anything wrong with him .

He confidently said to me, “I like being weird. It’s what makes me ME. It’s what sets me apart from everyone else. I’m fine with being weird.”

I told him he was a very wise young man and that it took me 30 years to finally be okay with being me – and accept the fact that I’m weird and set apart too.

We talked about being okay with being YOU.  Then he shared with me that his father died two years ago and he still struggles with that loss.

Colton was telling me about a letter he wrote in regards to his dad.  He said, “I wrote, ‘My father was a loving COMMA kind and funny person….”

He went on to share the details of the letter but I couldn’t get past the fact that he verbally expressed the comma in his letter.

Over the past few months God has really been speaking to me about being set apart. So many years of trying to fit and getting so frustrated that it just doesn’t ever seem to work out.  But I’ve come to be okay with not fitting. I have finally realized that we can not fit and seek Jesus like crazy and still totally love those around us. I decided to stop focusing on not fitting and just move on. And I did.  And my eyes opened to how much the enemy has tried to keep me in bondage by constantly being discouraged by the fact that I don’t fit or belong.

Duh.  If you are truly seeking Jesus you are not going to fit or belong.

Get over it.

Like, right now.

(I’m talking to myself)

So back to this comma –

Do you know what a comma is?  It’s a punctuation mark used to separate.


Separate.  Set apart.  Comma.

I believe I wasn’t supposed to have plans on Saturday evening because I was supposed to meet Colton.  I had the honor of encouraging his sweet little heart – but God also used him to deliver a word to me too.


A sweet ‘God-nod’ to let me know that He sees me.  He’s near.  He has called me out.  He has separated me and set me apart.

And you too.

As Followers of Jesus we do belong to the Body of Christ – The Global Church.  We are the Bride of Christ and He’s coming back for us. God didn’t separate us by periods so that we’re completely alone – but by commas.  We’re still connected to our brothers and sisters but we’re set apart.


We each have different talents, gifts, passions, and works that God created for us before we even existed on earth.  Each of us bring something unique and beautiful to The Body.

Maybe you need to know that you’re a comma too. You’re not an outcast because you don’t belong.  You’re actually right where  you need to be. God specifically designed us for His works and to bring Him glory – only you and Him know what that looks like.

We’re just strangers passing through this earth … commas.

Don’t let your heart be troubled or discouraged.

You are loved, friend.

April Poynter



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