You guys!!!!!!

The other day I posted a live video on Facebook to share a word that I felt the Lord had given me in the midst of insecurity and ‘all eyes on me’ types of moments. The word was : “Bring fully you and step into fully Me.”

God was saying bring it all to Him. All of who we are, who we’re not, where we struggle, where we doubt, where we feel inferior or not good enough or that we don’t fit – all that … The areas that are still broken, the struggles, the fear … bring it to Him and His love will FULLY encompass us and we’ll be able to move freely in worship (which is not just the beginning of a church service where we sing songs but the way we live our lives).

I thought the word choice, ‘fully’ was interesting. As a writer, it doesn’t flow well in the request and as much as I want to say God said ‘Bring yourself wholly and place it wholly in me’, that’s not what He said. He specifically said ‘fully’.

Wholly means: entirely; fully

Fully means: completely or entirely; to the furthest extent.

Wow. Even his word choice is better than our own.

I have always had a love for Grace Chapel after spending 7 years there while God allowed my world to crumble and then through Pastor Steve Berger’s teaching and many other lovely saints there, put me back together and launched me out.

This video came across my news feed and I just bawled.

My friends, Followers of Jesus, THIS is what it looks like when you bring fully you and place it into fully Him.

What a beautiful sight. Oh, that we would let go and let our weaknesses collide with God’s greatness.


See the video from Grace Chapel below:

You are loved so much!




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