Don’t Give Life To It


Since my husband won’t blog, I’ll do it for him.  He says so many awesome and wise things and doesn’t even realize it half the time.

The other day I was telling him about a situation with someone that annoyed me. He allowed me to vent and get it off my chest.  Then we moved on.  Recently this person annoyed me again. I looked to my husband and as soon as I started to speak about them/the situation, Tony looks at me and very gently says “Don’t give life to it.”

Ouch. Sandpaper.

I felt the burn in my chest because I just got called out and I was stopped in mid sentence.  My first internal response was – “rUUUUde.” My second internal response was – “He just made me feel really stupid.” My third internal response was conviction and – “Sorry Jesus.”

I took a deep breath and told Tony thank you.

As I processed through everything I thanked him again.  ‘Thank you for shutting that down.’  ‘Thank you for guarding your own heart and mind by not letting me continue down that path.’  ‘Thank you for holding me accountable.’

Tony’s desire was never to be rude or make me feel stupid.  Tony knew I was better than what I was about to say.  Tony knew that what I was going to say was a waste of time and energy. He loved me enough to stop me.  He also respects himself enough to guard his own heart and mind from anything negative that I was going to speak out to him.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what we give life to.  How we breathe life into things that were never meant to live.  How we continue to resuscitate old offenses that should have died a long time ago.

What is consuming you today (or every day)?  Do you spend your time talking about your opinions of people, offenses, and other dead things?

Don’t give life to it.

Really.  It’s not worth it.

I am so grateful for a husband who keeps a guard over our home – even at the risk of making me feel stupid.  I needed to feel stupid and the only reason I did  feel stupid was because I knew how wrong I was.

We slip, you guys.  We spend a little too much time in a gossipy conversation because our flesh craves that mess.  But praise Jesus for those who will call us out and hold us accountable to breathing life into the appropriate things. We are called to higher things.  We were made for so much more.

From one sister to another – don’t give life to it (fill in the blank for your story).

You are loved deeply.





2 thoughts on “Don’t Give Life To It

  1. Friend… This is right. on. time. I needed it. I have a husband much like Tony who speaks simply and profoundly. Thank God for them.

    There’s an old Christian friend whom the Lord told me to disconnect from. It’s the drama she brings in my life. She befriended me on Facebook recently but never interacts with me – it’s all show. Then today she comments on a post that sounded like a subliminal message. I started to try and say something nice or try to semi-reconnect because it felt like the Christian-ese thing to do (the Lord told me to DISconnect…) but I need to let it go. If it doesn’t breathe life your way, there’s no need to give it any.. It’s all about being led by the Spirit… THANK YOU.


  2. Love this, April!! You are so right, “We spend a little too much time in a gossipy conversation because our flesh craves that mess.” We always need to be aware when our flesh is crying out to be fed with gossip and fill it with words that build.


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