Gifts & Talents


I’ve wrestled with God for many years over the gifts that I wanted and the gifts that he gave me.

It wasn’t until I stopped trying to be like everyone else and be accepted by everyone else that I could see my own gifts and talents clearly.

As I cultivate those gifts and talents I am rewarded. I have so much excitement for the present and for the future.

I spent many years searching for my purpose and trying to imitate what I saw in others whom I admired. That got me nowhere. Your purpose isn’t “out there” somewhere and it’s definitely not in what others are doing.

The Lord told me to write. I’ve run from that for many years. Last year I started doing what He told me to do forever ago… And lo’ and behold (is that what people say? It seemed right) I am overflowing in satisfaction and contentment. I’m excited to watch the days unfold and see where God leads this journey that I’m on.

It’s all for His glory.


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