Choose Freedom


This sums up so much. I love this quote. We can’t expect our old behaviors to take us to new places.

It’s so hard to break old habits, step away from toxic friendships, and set higher standards … but I started this journey 11 years ago and can’t even assemble words to tell you how following Jesus changed my life. Trading my ways for His hurt like heck but was so worth it!

Losing people along the way was extremely hard- probably the hardest part for me. “Friends” telling you ‘you’ve changed’ or ‘you talk about Jesus all the time. It’s a little too much’… And having your faith questioned and debated… Not fun- especially when I didn’t like conflict and was quite the people pleaser. Standing up was hard. Letting people go was hard. Having people hate me because I let them go and “was too good for them” was extremely hard. But the choice was mine. Hard or not- it was my choice. I chose freedom.

I wanted this freedom I read about in scripture- not necessarily what had been represented by others who claimed to follow Jesus and yet lived their lives in complete bondage. I wanted to experience what Jesus had died for…. Because if it wasn’t freedom that Christ set me free… Then what was the freakin’ point!?!

He took care of it all! All of it. The shame, the guilt, the fear, anxiety, my past, my present, my future, all my crap, all my shortcomings, all my insecurities, all the ugly that still exists in places in my heart that have yet to be discovered by me… but God is fully aware of every little wretched thing and loves me anyway- regardless. We’ll get to those places in His time. Just like we always do. Piece by piece, layer by layer, and overflowing with love.

Jesus died for this kind of freedom.

I wanted my worship to be more than a song. I wanted to know this miracle making Jesus, I wanted to lose myself in Him and never look back!

That I did.

Best decision ever.

Happy Thursday, friends. I hope your day is lovely and filled with freedom… because you chose freedom … And if you haven’t chosen freedom yet – the day is not over.


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Cheers to walking in freedom!

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