Waiting At The Door

Our family was getting ready to enjoy some outdoor time this past Saturday. We put my son’s shoes on and said, “Let’s go bye-bye.”

My husband, daughter, and I continued to get ready and get things packed up for the outing.

I walked by the front door and saw this-


Sway sitting by the door waiting to go.

God totally touched my heart right in this moment. He showed me that Sway is ready. He’s dressed and prepared. He is waiting with anticipation and expectation… He knows in due time that door is opening.

There is no question about it. No doubt. No wondering. He’s not complaining or whining or being anxious. He’s just waiting patiently. Just being.

I’m in a season of preparation. God is showing me the preparation is just as important and holy as the “in your face” moments.

Look, God knows where to find us. We don’t have to remind him of our gifts and talents.

He doesn’t need our professional branding and marketing to get us ahead or recognized. Um. He’s God. The Creator of the Universe and he’s fully capable of giving us favor and platforms and whatever else HE wants to give us for His glory.

He just needs us to be close to Him, have our hearts fully fixed on Him. He needs us to not try to rush the process and preparation.

He’s not going to promote you to a place that your character can’t sustain you.

The gifts and talents that are in you will destroy you if your character can’t handle the weight of all it entails.

So here’s our word: Let’s get in the presence of God. Don’t let the thing you’re doing for God take you away from Him.

Being busy doesn’t make you any more holy. It might get attention from the world and the culture but it’s not impressive to God to see us worn out and busy.

Endure the process and preparation and hang by the door. Wait with expectation and excitement that our Father will open that door in due time- in His perfect timing.

Be prepared – not busy. Worship in the waiting and get ready for your mind to be blown when the door opens.

Who’s waiting at the door with no whining and complaining!? šŸ™‹šŸ»

You are so loved!


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