Life Is Not Always About Pancakes

My daughter loves sugar.
Who doesn’t, right? Well, she’s seriously obsessed with sweets and treats and anything that you would find at the Witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel.  (Sorry, that’s a little weird … but the visual that I see in my head.)
Yesterday I bought my daughter pancakes to have for breakfast on busy school mornings.  This morning I boiled a couple of eggs for my breakfast and decided to cook one for her as well, so that she would have some protein to go along with her pancakes.
As I was getting ready for work, my husband came into the room and said something so profound:
“I told Trinity she had to eat her eggs before I would give her the pancakes.  She’s trying to find ways to avoid eating the eggs.  She tried to negotiate eating half of the eggs and some other options.  She’s just wasting time trying to avoid the eggs.  Ya know … Life is not always about pancakes – sometimes you have to eat the eggs.”
Boom!  There it is!
Now, I like eggs.  I think they’re pretty great … but you get what Tony is saying?  Life is not always about the fluffy, delectable, sweet and buttery pancakes.  Sometimes, you have to eat the eggs.
The eggs provide protein.  They help your muscles grow.  They give you more energy and keep you fuller longer.  They may not taste as great as the pancakes, but they still need to be eaten.
I’m not talking about sour attitude, gag-after-every-bite, eating.  I mean get creative.  Have you ever considered mixing the eggs and pancakes together? If you’re sulking over the awful eggs then you’re missing the other opportunities right in front of you. Yes, the eggs are on the plate – but check out the syrup and butter!
In my daughter’s case (because we know her all too well) she was not allowed to have the pancakes until the eggs were eaten.  Have you been there?  Yep, I’ve been there too.  No syrup, no butter, no pancakes … just eggs.
Well, I’m here to tell you today that life is not always about pancakes – sometimes you have to eat the eggs.  Sometimes you have to face the not-so-yummy moments in life.  If we could just shift our perspective from avoidance to opportunity, it would literally change everything!
I’ve learned over the years that avoidance just prolongs the experience.
I’ve learned to shut up and just eat the eggs.  As we continuously surrender our own pride and choose our attitude, you’ll start to change on the inside.  The eggs are not such a stumbling block anymore, but instead a stepping-stone that leads to the pancakes.
I can’t believe I just wrote this whole blog about pancakes and eggs. I’m tellin’ ya… God sure has a sense of humor!  But you get it, right?  Clearly, this really has nothing to do with breakfast preferences.  I read once that life is not crazy, but we are crazy. Our little minds create so much drama and then stay looped in that drama with our thoughts, attitudes, actions, and words.  Our conversations keep us anchored to drama.  We get so focused on the eggs that we miss out on so much more.
I love the NLT’s version of this part of Romans 12:2 and it’s very fitting right here: “Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.”
Get over the eggs.
Stop prolonging the experience.  Hold your nose, wash them down with water, swallow them whole … do whatever it takes to eat them.  But don’t stop there.  I challenge you to CHOOSE a good attitude while you’re eating them.  Eat them with expectation that they are good for you, they help you, and the pancakes are coming!
So there!  There’s your perspective shift for today.  There’s OUR perspective shift for today and for the future.
You are dearly loved.  You were made for such a time as this.  You will surely overcome…one egg at a time.



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