Choose Freedom


This sums up so much. I love this quote. We can’t expect our old behaviors to take us to new places.

It’s so hard to break old habits, step away from toxic friendships, and set higher standards … but I started this journey 11 years ago and can’t even assemble words to tell you how following Jesus changed my life. Trading my ways for His hurt like heck but was so worth it!

Losing people along the way was extremely hard- probably the hardest part for me. “Friends” telling you ‘you’ve changed’ or ‘you talk about Jesus all the time. It’s a little too much’… And having your faith questioned and debated… Not fun- especially when I didn’t like conflict and was quite the people pleaser. Standing up was hard. Letting people go was hard. Having people hate me because I let them go and “was too good for them” was extremely hard. But the choice was mine. Hard or not- it was my choice. I chose freedom.

I wanted this freedom I read about in scripture- not necessarily what had been represented by others who claimed to follow Jesus and yet lived their lives in complete bondage. I wanted to experience what Jesus had died for…. Because if it wasn’t freedom that Christ set me free… Then what was the freakin’ point!?!

He took care of it all! All of it. The shame, the guilt, the fear, anxiety, my past, my present, my future, all my crap, all my shortcomings, all my insecurities, all the ugly that still exists in places in my heart that have yet to be discovered by me… but God is fully aware of every little wretched thing and loves me anyway- regardless. We’ll get to those places in His time. Just like we always do. Piece by piece, layer by layer, and overflowing with love.

Jesus died for this kind of freedom.

I wanted my worship to be more than a song. I wanted to know this miracle making Jesus, I wanted to lose myself in Him and never look back!

That I did.

Best decision ever.

Happy Thursday, friends. I hope your day is lovely and filled with freedom… because you chose freedom … And if you haven’t chosen freedom yet – the day is not over.


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Cheers to walking in freedom!

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The Destination


Everyone is waiting for “it” to happen but what is “it”? You are slumming around today, with a bad attitude, being lazy because you’re waiting for it to happen.

What you don’t realize is today could have been when it happened but you didn’t show up. You gotta live every moment as the “it” moment. Because really what is “it”?

It’s the here and now that make up those moments. I’ve learned that when I’m chasing God and not dreams, ministry, or my own visions, (insert the name of what you’re chasing), God seems to lay down the next stepping stone to my destiny. The destiny and works that He created for me in advance.

Trust me. If he has more, you don’t want less.


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Cheers to walking in freedom!

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Waiting At The Door

Our family was getting ready to enjoy some outdoor time this past Saturday. We put my son’s shoes on and said, “Let’s go bye-bye.”

My husband, daughter, and I continued to get ready and get things packed up for the outing.

I walked by the front door and saw this-


Sway sitting by the door waiting to go.

God totally touched my heart right in this moment. He showed me that Sway is ready. He’s dressed and prepared. He is waiting with anticipation and expectation… He knows in due time that door is opening.

There is no question about it. No doubt. No wondering. He’s not complaining or whining or being anxious. He’s just waiting patiently. Just being.

I’m in a season of preparation. God is showing me the preparation is just as important and holy as the “in your face” moments.

Look, God knows where to find us. We don’t have to remind him of our gifts and talents.

He doesn’t need our professional branding and marketing to get us ahead or recognized. Um. He’s God. The Creator of the Universe and he’s fully capable of giving us favor and platforms and whatever else HE wants to give us for His glory.

He just needs us to be close to Him, have our hearts fully fixed on Him. He needs us to not try to rush the process and preparation.

He’s not going to promote you to a place that your character can’t sustain you.

The gifts and talents that are in you will destroy you if your character can’t handle the weight of all it entails.

So here’s our word: Let’s get in the presence of God. Don’t let the thing you’re doing for God take you away from Him.

Being busy doesn’t make you any more holy. It might get attention from the world and the culture but it’s not impressive to God to see us worn out and busy.

Endure the process and preparation and hang by the door. Wait with expectation and excitement that our Father will open that door in due time- in His perfect timing.

Be prepared – not busy. Worship in the waiting and get ready for your mind to be blown when the door opens.

Who’s waiting at the door with no whining and complaining!? 🙋🏻

You are so loved!


What You Say

There’s just something about simple sentences with big impact that shake me to the core.  I don’t know if it’s because fewer words are easier to remember, or because my brain often over-analyzes everything – but simple sentences with big impact are my favorite!
An example of one of those sentences is:
“What you say when you talk about other people says a lot about you.”
Doesn’t that just stop you in your tracks?  It brings on one of those, “Whoa!” moments.  That sentence makes you take an internal evaluation of yourself.
What have your recent conversations sounded like?  What do your friends feel comfortable talking to you about?  What thoughts circulate through your mind as you think of others?
I used to be quite the gossiper.  All of my friendships were based on talking about others.  I just thought that was part of friendship.  Every girl I had ever met talked about others – even their friends … so I just followed suit.  I used to feel so bad about it, but I just couldn’t stop.  Every time I would leave from hanging with “friends”, I would feel sick to my stomach.
The more I studied Scripture the more enlightened I became.  There’s just something about spending time in the Word!  Once you read something you can’t unread it.  I was learning more and more that speaking negative about others was heartbreaking to God.  I started praying He would show me how to get away from the negative talk.
One day I met a new friend for coffee.  The whole time her mouth was open she was speaking negative about her friends.  I realized I was afraid to spend time with her again because of how mean she was toward the people she was supposed to love.  I also realized that if she would talk about them that way, she would certainly talk about me that way to others.
I saw myself in this girl.
I recognized that I was not going to be able to cultivate healthy new friendships if I brought my old habits along.  I realized that strong women would not want to hang out with me because they would see the negative comments I made about others.  They would know I would talk about them too.  Strong, healthy individuals recognize this toxic behavior and set up boundaries against people who spew such negativity.
I didn’t want to waste time blaming my friends, I had to take responsibility for myself.  My own behavior was the only behavior I could change.
I did change.  It took time, but I changed.  My behavior caused a wedge between us, and ultimately those relationships came to an end.  Those types of friendships only stay fueled when drama was involved.  I broke away and started to form friendships with healthy women who had their minds and words set on things that were positive and uplifting.
It’s scary breaking away from everything you’ve ever known.  It’s scary when you think of people being mad at you and how you could end up alone.  That’s called People Pleasing and Fear of Man.  Those two will keep you in captivity and leave you feeling miserable.  Yes, it’s comfortable because it’s what you know … but it’s not God’s best for you.  You are so much better than the negativity that you are surrounded by every day!
When you start experiencing healthy friendships and become a better friend to others, your standards for relationships will change.  Your old crew will make fun of you for changing. That is a bully; that is not a friend.  That’s lowering your standards and expectations to please people who try to make you live in fear.
My eyes were opening to a whole new life and I wanted those friends to come along for the journey.  The problem was, they didn’t want that change for themselves.  Instead, they started to treat me really bad.  They stopped inviting me to outings and they moved on without me. It hurt – but I surrendered them to God and kept moving forward.
I got to a place where I would rather be alone and positive, than be brought down by negative “friends”.  I made a choice that I was going to live my life better than that.  My whole life changed for the better.
I was alone for a while, and God used that time to patch up my character.  Eventually He started to bring new women into my life.  I built healthy relationships with them.  They were consistent friends.  I could never imagine them speaking negative about me and I don’t want to talk negative about them.  We care for one another and want to lift each other up … not drag each other down.
Ultimately hurt people hurt people, and healed people heal people.
I say that all the time, but it just sums it all up!  I spewed negativity towards others and hung out with women who did the same thing because I was broken and hurt.
As God began to heal my heart, my tolerance for the gossip and drama lowered.  When we seek God, our lives become a response to Him.  Gossip and backbiting breaks God’s heart.  As we grow, the things that break God’s heart starts to break our own hearts.
So what are you saying when you’re talking about other people?  Ouch, right?  What are three things you’re going to choose to do, starting today, to change that behavior?
I’m rooting for you!  It is so honorable when someone reaches a place in their life and says, “That’s enough!  I’m taking responsibility for my own actions and I’m going to make a change!”
You were made for so much more!  You were made to fly – but you’ll never reach the clouds if you’re too busy playing in the dirt.  Rise up, my friend.  Fly!

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Cheers to walking in freedom!

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Life Is Not Always About Pancakes

My daughter loves sugar.
Who doesn’t, right? Well, she’s seriously obsessed with sweets and treats and anything that you would find at the Witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel.  (Sorry, that’s a little weird … but the visual that I see in my head.)
Yesterday I bought my daughter pancakes to have for breakfast on busy school mornings.  This morning I boiled a couple of eggs for my breakfast and decided to cook one for her as well, so that she would have some protein to go along with her pancakes.
As I was getting ready for work, my husband came into the room and said something so profound:
“I told Trinity she had to eat her eggs before I would give her the pancakes.  She’s trying to find ways to avoid eating the eggs.  She tried to negotiate eating half of the eggs and some other options.  She’s just wasting time trying to avoid the eggs.  Ya know … Life is not always about pancakes – sometimes you have to eat the eggs.”
Boom!  There it is!
Now, I like eggs.  I think they’re pretty great … but you get what Tony is saying?  Life is not always about the fluffy, delectable, sweet and buttery pancakes.  Sometimes, you have to eat the eggs.
The eggs provide protein.  They help your muscles grow.  They give you more energy and keep you fuller longer.  They may not taste as great as the pancakes, but they still need to be eaten.
I’m not talking about sour attitude, gag-after-every-bite, eating.  I mean get creative.  Have you ever considered mixing the eggs and pancakes together? If you’re sulking over the awful eggs then you’re missing the other opportunities right in front of you. Yes, the eggs are on the plate – but check out the syrup and butter!
In my daughter’s case (because we know her all too well) she was not allowed to have the pancakes until the eggs were eaten.  Have you been there?  Yep, I’ve been there too.  No syrup, no butter, no pancakes … just eggs.
Well, I’m here to tell you today that life is not always about pancakes – sometimes you have to eat the eggs.  Sometimes you have to face the not-so-yummy moments in life.  If we could just shift our perspective from avoidance to opportunity, it would literally change everything!
I’ve learned over the years that avoidance just prolongs the experience.
I’ve learned to shut up and just eat the eggs.  As we continuously surrender our own pride and choose our attitude, you’ll start to change on the inside.  The eggs are not such a stumbling block anymore, but instead a stepping-stone that leads to the pancakes.
I can’t believe I just wrote this whole blog about pancakes and eggs. I’m tellin’ ya… God sure has a sense of humor!  But you get it, right?  Clearly, this really has nothing to do with breakfast preferences.  I read once that life is not crazy, but we are crazy. Our little minds create so much drama and then stay looped in that drama with our thoughts, attitudes, actions, and words.  Our conversations keep us anchored to drama.  We get so focused on the eggs that we miss out on so much more.
I love the NLT’s version of this part of Romans 12:2 and it’s very fitting right here: “Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.”
Get over the eggs.
Stop prolonging the experience.  Hold your nose, wash them down with water, swallow them whole … do whatever it takes to eat them.  But don’t stop there.  I challenge you to CHOOSE a good attitude while you’re eating them.  Eat them with expectation that they are good for you, they help you, and the pancakes are coming!
So there!  There’s your perspective shift for today.  There’s OUR perspective shift for today and for the future.
You are dearly loved.  You were made for such a time as this.  You will surely overcome…one egg at a time.



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Cheers to walking in freedom!

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