God Promotion vs Self Promotion


Can someone answer this question for me?

At what point does promotion and marketing of your ministry or God given talents/gifts turn into JUST self promotion? Isn’t our walk with Christ all about dying… dying to self? Isn’t it about self denial?

I struggle with this.


To the point where I just want to quit everything at times.

I can give you tips, tools, advice and whatever else this amazing brain of mind can spit out to encourage you ;o) but to be truthful – at what point does our “Look over here” work cross that fine line?

I mean – in the scriptures folks were not bringing attention to themselves to share what God wanted them to share.  They were just going about their everyday (and usually pretty boring) business.

Look at David, for instance –  Shepherd.  Nobody.  Doing boring work.  David wasn’t standing on a mountain top waving his hand to share about God.  God called David in the midst of his boring day job.

I honestly research ways to get your attention so that you’ll read the stuff I write, share with all your friends in hopes that it would help and encourage you and others.  BUT … should I have to do all that or should I just write?

Won’t God do the rest if He wants?

Am I over thinking this?

The work that it takes to focus on my ‘audience’ and attract the right ‘market’ just irritates the crap out of me at times.  It feels so contrary to what God would want… or like I’m saying, “Hey God.  You obviously don’t know much about search engine optimization (SEO) and how to brand/market so that folks want to hear what I got to say… so you just rest your pretty little head while I take over.”

Jesus washed nasty feet. He loved on people, cared for them, taught them … but He OFTEN withdrew from the crowd.

Aren’t we to do the same?

Anyway.  That’s a bit of a rant, I guess … but I really would like to hear your thoughts.

I feel like I open up Facebook and immediately leave.  There is just too much noise… too much “Hey look at me.” … Too many selfies with scriptures … too many “I’m selling this product and I can help YOU, when really I just want to make money off of YOU so I don’t have to work a day job anymore – In Jesus’ name of course.”

Hey. I’m not hating.  I’m guilty too. And it grosses me out.

I HAVE to post my blog multiple times per day because people won’t even see it.  I struggle with that.  From a business stance, cool – post it again … but from a follower of Christ stance – won’t God allow folks to see the writing HE put on my heart regardless of who FB wants to show it to?


What are your thoughts?  Won’t God raise up what HE WANTS to raise up?  Won’t God attract folks who need to know about HIM through us if we’re obedient?

Our gifts are not for us.  Our gifts are to bring God glory, right?

Hit me with your thoughts on this.  I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say.

You are dearly loved!


6 thoughts on “God Promotion vs Self Promotion

  1. I think you do a wonderful job April. Your posts are always very provident and helpful

    Perhaps (as you said) it’s best not to overthink strategies and just write as you feel inspired. Otherwise it can cause a kind of ‘analysis paralysis’!. It’s good to keep a natural flow

    And as it’s often said… ‘if you build it they will come😊. Personally your posts have always arrived at just the ‘right time’

    I do believe that God will providentially lead His people to your anointed posts. And your testimony and personal life experiences do indeed glorify him. So keep on feeding his sheep!.

    Hope this might be in some way helpful God bless ❤️


  2. I have to ditto that you ARE beautifully candid and that transparency is very attractive to us women. Being someone who has been placed in the “limelight” for different reasons before I was 5, the struggle has been REAL. Let’s add to it that the Lord has put in my heart BIG dreams and specific promises. So how does one muddle through that to hear and answer the clarion call without self-promotion? After receiving a personal prophecy about being sent out, I decided to help God send me. Seriously. I found myself trying to bust the door down and it was altogether frustrating. I finally reached a place of sudden surrender where I said, “Lord, I don’t want to go through any door unless I know YOU open it. Incidentally, the striggle ended and peace came. As I have found who I am in him and apart from my gifts, it’s been amazing how he has sent the people to me I needed for each season. I believe that people are assigned to us and that, if we keep the Main Thing the Main Thing, He will send the necessary provision, opportunities and assigned persons to help us carry out the vision. Secondly I think we have to be led by the Spirit and only do what HE tells us to do. Then we can’t go wrong. It’s a freeing place to be. And when I’m tempted to call in the paparazzi or self-promote, I try and soak in a big dose of God’s love. God bless you, April. Just keep sharing what the Holy Spirit keeps downloading!


    • I am so happy to have connected with you. I’m happy to know I’m not alone and I appreciate your transparency. Sometimes it seems that God gives a glimpse and I’m like, “Okay, Lord. Thanks. I’ll take it from here.” I don’t mean to … but dang I get in my own way far too often. Thank you for the encouragement as well. I’m grateful for you.


  3. I struggled with this myself. It helps to tune out the “look at me” examples you see a cross the web. I like to think of it this way:
    1. God and Christ are always the answer, not me.
    2. God wants me to share what I learned to help others
    3. I don’t promote myself, I promote God’s love and OFFER a way to receive it fully.

    Keep being authentic. Keep sharing His love. Keep INVITING others to experience life more fully. Because I know you are committed to SERVING others.

    If you post the blog again, then great, more folks will see His message through you. He can get the message out, but He uses us too. Part of our journey is to be obedient to Him by serving others.


    • You’re awesome, Ginny. Thank you for your message. Those three points you posted bring me right back to why I’m doing this. You can really check your heart if you stay anchored to those three things in Christ. I’m so happy to be connected, girl.


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