Is Your Heart Searching For More?


You know that constant feeling of wanting something more?

It may not be there all the time but it rises up.


If you’re anything like me – you like instant gratification.

However, you’ve probably learned (like me) that instant gratification only brings temporary pleasure.

No one wants to suffer.  We want the easy, quick, painless approach.

But what good does that do?

Are some of your most life changing seasons the ones that brought pain?  The ones that weren’t easy?

Yup.  Same for me.

But we get through them.  We’re equipped to get through them.  We just pick up the equipment and tools as we move through the trial.

That longing in your heart (and mine) is that we want more of Jesus but instead we fill that void with temporary, earthly pleasures and those only last a little while.

A few weeks ago I had a cold.  It was one of those head colds where you can’t taste anything and you constantly have a nasty taste in your mouth.

I figured out that if I ate fast food and drank Coca Cola I felt satisfied. I usually eat pretty healthy but something about bold, delicious, fattening, high calorie foods seemed to make me feel so alive and well … but only for a few moments until I was done eating.  The nasty taste would return to my mouth and I’d be left wanting more of the big flavors.

When you’re sick the last thing you need is to bog your system down with terrible foods.  Your body is fighting so hard against the sickness and when we don’t take care of ourselves while we’re sick (good, healthy foods, lots of sleep, lots of water) we can prolong the healing process.

I know this – and yet I didn’t really care.  For three days, every meal, I ate cheeseburgers, tacos, sodas, and fries.  They made me feel better only while I was eating them and then I returned to the full blown sickness.  The food only brought temporary relief and ultimately I was still left to battle the sickness.

Gosh, that’s such a picture of how we live our lives as believers.  Doesn’t it seem like Jesus is just taking too long sometimes? Or maybe God forgot His plan for our lives?  So let’s go out and stuff ourselves with temporary satisfaction – only to still be left to deal.

Nothing satisfies like Jesus.  Nothing ever will.  You can fill that void all day long and you’ll still come up empty.

You can shop, eat, hang with friends, receive the things you’ve been longing for – and they will still leave you unsatisfied.

We are just strangers passing through.

We can  enjoy things here on this earth but I can always tell when I’ve pushed Jesus aside and think I’ve got a handle on things.  Not on purpose – but my planning and busyness can easily put me in control … and I’m left with that longing.

And I know it’s time to drop all that I’m doing and run back to my Father.

We don’t always get it right.  We get in the way and we mess things up. But Jesus is always waiting on us.

Do you feel empty? Lost? Confused? Want to give up on your dream? Wondering if you really heard The Lord say that thing to you?

If you feel that deep longing in your heart I just want to encourage you to take a break. Connect to the Source.  He’ll be there waiting on you with open arms.  Run to Him if you’re weary and heavy burdened and he will give you rest.  Those are His words, not mine.

No shame, no fear, no condemnation.

Repent, receive His forgiveness – immediately, and rest.

Jesus came to give us abundant life.  It’s only through Him that we experience that abundance here and now, in a world we don’t fit in.

Stay close and be filled, friend. He’s got great things in store for you!

You are dearly loved.






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