What’s Your Purpose?


Do you lack purpose? Don’t even know what your purpose is? Do you feel as if  you’re constantly searching?

It seems like everyone is wanting to offer an encouraging word and help you discover your purpose in life, right?!

I get that because I feel most alive when I am helping someone else who wants the help.  If I could spend each day just helping people (and get paid for it) I would. I mean, I help people now and encourage folks because that just comes natural to me – but you know what I mean!

Like – my JOB, my PAID job is to encourage people.  Um.  YES!


The other day I was in the book store browsing the Christian books.  I can’t even tell you how overwhelmed I was by how many authors have written on the topic of finding your purpose and living life on purpose.  I really thought I was being original and clever when I started blurting out “you were created on purpose, with a purpose” and when I started working on a project that would help women get pointed on course to live life on purpose.


So if we’re all talking about helping people live their lives on purpose then why are so many folks still struggling?

My opinion, ultimately it’s the same reason why weight loss programs, fad diets, and get rich quick schemes will never go away.  People have to want it enough to make changes in their daily routines.

There will always be a need for diets, exercises, recipes, success tips, and encouraging words to motivate you to live on purpose because we tend to me inconsistent and want instant gratification. Unfortunately lasting weight loss, lasting health, success, and living life on purpose can’t be accomplished quickly and stick around for long.  It takes commitment, persistence, intentionality, planning, focus, desire, perseverance.

And that sounds painful, right?

Which is more appealing to you?:

5,000 Daily Disciples That Lead To Success And It All Depends On Your Level Of Commitment


3  Quick Tips For Success

Right? Right?!?!?!!

I get it, I get it.  Psychology.  I GET IT!  I’m the same way.

I want quick and easy too – but I’ve learned just because some spits out 3 easy tips for me, they’re just void words on a page unless I put them into action – often.

You want to live life on purpose, right?  Do you know your purpose? I remember when my friend and mentor, Dr. Jason Brooks asked me “What’s your purpose?” and I was first of all  – caught off guard and second of all – rambled on for about 10 minutes sharing all my passions, talents, and gifts … but never really gave him a straight answer. That was the moment I realized I wasn’t living life on purpose because I wasn’t even sure which direction I was headed.

So let me ask you, what’s your purpose?  What’s your dreams and goals and how do you plan to get there?  Have you started yet or are you waiting?

If you’re waiting – when do you start?

What are you waiting for?

As Dr. Brooks says (and I steal often), what is one step you could take today to help you get closer to your dreams?  It doesn’t have to be this HUGE thing … just one small step … today.

Truly it’s the small, daily steps that get us further down the road than if we never move at all or if we only take BIG GIANT steps once a year and then burn out.

Ain’t nobody got time for burnout.  We’ve got work to do and we don’t have much time to do it.

I want to encourage you to map out your plans.  Set BIG long term goals and daily obtainable goals. Take an inventory often to ensure you’re staying on task. Give yourself grace.  Seek Jesus like crazy and remember “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)   Always leave wiggle room for God to interrupt your plan.

You were created on purpose, with purpose – that’s not a high pressure thing … it’s an amazing opportunity!

Run the race, girl!

You are dearly loved.




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