It Is Finished


The love of Jesus changes everything.  Everything.

There is no hopeless situation with Him.  None.

The power of Christ is not limited by our weaknesses … in fact His power is made perfect in our weakness.

Jesus doesn’t need perfect conditions to work.  Jesus doesn’t need everything to line up to perform miracles.  That’s why they’re miracles.

And He’s not out of miracles.

Jesus said “It is finished.”  He said it.  He meant it.  It is finished!  Whatever it is for you – it’s finished.

Your past – finished.

The old you – finished.

All those mistakes that you’ve made and will make – finished.

All the guilt and shame – finished.

Depression – finished.

Sickness – finished.

Death – finished.

You can live every day with joy regardless of your circumstances because your circumstances don’t change who Jesus is and what He’s done. Your circumstances don’t hinder Him in any way.

Take heart.  Don’t grow weary.  Have hope.  Hope does not disappoint.

Celebrate the victory.

It is finished, friend.

In Jesus’ mighty and powerful name.

You are dearly loved.




4 thoughts on “It Is Finished

  1. We’ve been talking about victory with Christ in our small group on Wednesday evenings. The week we talked about how we – ourselves – can be our worst enemy, and the issue of being weak and not able. And it’s SO true, your words: “The power of Christ is not limited by our weaknesses ā€¦ in fact His power is made perfect in our weakness.” We can have victory, not because we’re so great… but because HE is! šŸ™‚ Thanks for underlining this thought for me.

    I’m going to carry this thought from your post with me into next week (and beyond):
    “There is no hopeless situation with Him. None.” Yes!

    • That rings so heavy in my heart often “There is no hopeless situation with Him.” The worry just melts away when you meditate on Jesus, who he is, and who we are in him. So good!

    • Hi Aurora! It’s in John 19:30 where Jesus died on the cross. “Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”

      At that moment he had paid the ultimate sacrifice for sin. He took the pain of it all so we could be set free. That pours over into everything that tries to take us captive. It’s already been paid for by Jesus. It is finished.

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