3 Ways To Free Up Time


Do you find yourself saying “I just don’t have time”?

I hear people of all ages say they don’t have time quite frequently.  Let me ask you this – when does the time open up?  If you’re putting something off because you don’t have time right now, when are you going to have time?

Is time going to one day just free itself and say ‘fill me with your dreams’? I’m just curious. For real.

I’m not beating you up.  Look.  I get it.  I can’t tell you how many years I have wasted with a dream in my heart and vision in my mind but no plan on paper and no action behind any of it.  It’s frustrating.   But waiting around to one day have time is going to leave you more frustrated.

Below are 3 ways to free up time.  These 3 tips have worked very well for me so I’m passing them on to you.

Take Inventory  of The Time In Your Day

It may seem like a hassle but you need to document where you’re spending your time. If you want to free up time you need to start here. Carry around a notebook and pen (if you’re old school like me) or a tablet of some sort (if you’re more new school and digital) and trace out your day as you go about.

Write down where you went, what you were doing, and how long you did it.  Do this for every activity for 24 hours.  Seriously.

John Maxwell says if he spent 24 hours with you he would be able to determine in that 24 hours if you would be successful or not based off of your daily routine.  Lucky for you- you don’t have to be humiliated by John Maxwell.  This exercise is between you and you.

Map out your day as you go along and then look over your findings.  If you’re anything like me when I did this exercise, you’re schedule is a hot mess. You’re not intentional about how you’re spending your time and valuable moments are racing by you.  Taking inventory of where and how you’re spending your day will reveal so much to you.


Set Specific Times For Social Media

Was social media a HUGE chunk of your findings in the exercise above? I hear social media is the biggest time suck from most people.  I’ve been there too.  It’s like the black hole for time.  (The same goes for television.)

Set specific times for social media.  Two times per day you get on social media for 20 minutes.  Set a timer.  When the timer goes off, be done.

Need more time?  If you’re like me and use social media often you can schedule the time to meet your needs.  I don’t browse social media for hours.  I get on, post what I need, check messages, interact with friends, and get off.

For business and other projects I have to post more often but there are great tools like HootSuite and Latergram that allow you to make posts in advance and set them on a timer so that posts can go out without you spending every 30 minutes posting and checking back. Facebook Business pages have the timer feature as well. You’ll just need to create content in advance during a designated time and that takes care of that!

Do what works for you but obviously what you’ve been doing is not working … so it has to be something different than what you’ve been doing.

Check social media for 10 minutes in the morning.  Again for 15 minutes at lunch.  10 minutes at your afternoon break. 30 minutes in the evening.  Whatever floats your boat but just be intentional with the time you’re spending on social media platforms.


Get Up Earlier 

Easier said than done, right?  You have no idea who you’re talking to!  I was the WORST with this one.  But I figured out that time wasn’t going to magically appear for me on my terms. I had to actually get up and meet time where it’s at … and that is in the EARLY mornings.

The house is quiet.  The kids are snoozing.  No one needs anything in those early moments.  This is YOUR time.  This is the sweet spot where dreams are ignited.

Get up and do one thing to move you closer to your dream.  Spend quiet time with The Lord.  Grab a cup of coffee and write down goals for the day. Then create a short check list to help you reach those goals.

Do that daily workout you never have time for.  Prepare yourself a healthy lunch instead of eating fast food because you’re rushed out of the house each morning.

Whatever you want to do but don’t have time for – do it in this space. You need more time? Meet the morning and step into this uncharted territory called ‘early’.


These are 3 BIG ways to free up more time in your daily schedule.  They are so easy to read through and you’re probably thinking, ‘well duh!’… I know, right? They are complete common sense but having the discipline to actually do them is where most people throw in the towel.

Sometimes we just need a reminder of the most simple things, completely broken down, to help us get on the right track for success.  That’s where I come in.  You’re welcome. ;o)

Let me know how this works out for you.  I’m curious to know where the bulk of your time has been going.

You’ve got this!  No more excuses.  This is your life.  It’s not a trial run.  You’ve got one shot so make it count!

You are dearly loved!



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