Money Is Not Evil

Money is not evil. Money is a tool. “Just like a brick – you can use the brick to build a beautiful home where many gather and take refuge or you can use the brick to bust someone upside the head.”( My husband’s quote) …

The brick is not evil. The brick is a tool. It’s the condition of the heart that produces the evil. This is why I always suggest asking yourself “where is my heart in this?” to make sure it’s in line with the character of Jesus.

Somewhere along the way in our christian circles we have been fed a lie that you can’t want money.  If you even remotely ‘want’ money you to have to say it like this, “I’m praying for an increase in our finances …  so that we can bless others of course!  I really don’t care to have money, I just want to bless everyone else.” Or “It’s really not even about the money.” Right.   …  Riiiiiight.  *side eye*

Aren’t you tired of explaining your heart to people?  Aren’t you tired of prefacing everything you say with some sort of ‘Jesus fluff’ in order for the message to come across correctly?  I know I am!  And that’s why I stopped.  The enemy has kept me in bondage for many years because I thought it was wrong to want money.

My husband just started a business and our hope is that it will be extremely successful. We have spent many years playing small.  We have spent many years shying back so that no one was offended by our dreams.  We secretly tucked our vision in our back pockets, kept our heads low, and just waited for something great to fall from the sky.

For many years we have been responsible stewards of our money. We learned a lot of discipline through the Word of God and Dave Ramsey after living pay check to pay check and blowing through our money with no plan or purpose.  One day we got sick and tired of being sick and tired.  We made an intentional change in our lives.

A lot of people are praying for a miracle with their finances and then getting mad when God doesn’t show up.  You don’t need a miracle.  You need better management.  

Get the management down and I can assure you the blessings will show up.  Thank God that he doesn’t pour money out on you when you don’t have good management skills.  That money could ruin you!  It could ruin your marriage!  It could literally destroy you.  Thank God for his protection and then map out a plan to be a better steward.

“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.” 1 Timothy 6:10

I have often heard folks say that money is the root of all evil but the scripture clearly states that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.  You don’t have to love money to want it.  You don’t have to love money to want to use it do good.

I heard a song once that said, “They say money can’t buy happiness but I’d like a chance to see.”   That song cracks me up!  It’s so true!  Who is ‘they’ and will ‘they’ share some of their money so I can see for myself?  HAHA!

I believe that money can absolutely buy happiness but money cannot buy joy.  Money cannot buy peace that passes all understanding. Money cannot buy love.  Money cannot buy eternal life.  If you had enough money to buy an all expense paid vacation for you and the ones you love most, would you not be happy?  Of course you would!  That happiness would be temporary – but it would still be happiness.

Tony and I went on a mini getaway earlier this year and it was amazing!  We had so much fun. We were extremely happy.  One morning while having breakfast we noticed how our server had the best attitude.  The restaurant was crowded, understaffed, and the servers looked annoyed and exhausted – but not our girl! She was perky and funny and made our experience at breakfast enjoyable.

Our server brought our check to us and on the spot, because we had the cash, we felt prompted by God to leave her a ridiculous tip.  As we were leaving we walked up to her and told her how amazing she was.  We looked her in the eye, affirmed her, and handed her a stack of folded cash and said, “God bless you.”  Then we hurried out as fast as we could and giggled like little kids all the way to the car.  It was amazing! It made us so happy!

See, money is not the problem.  The heart is the problem.  When we use the money as a positive tool and only as a tool there is no issue.  When we use money to fill the void in our hearts or to hurt others that’s a problem… but it’s not the money’s fault. Stop blaming the tool for the evil actions of humans.  

Don’t feel that you need to explain your heart for why you want to earn money.  You don’t owe that to anyone.  If you don’t say “For God’s glory” after every sentence someone gets offended or judges you for being arrogant .  It’s like people want the words but no one cares about the actions anymore.  So we can do all kinds of evil acts but sprinkle a bit of “For God’s glory” and as long as God gets the credit it’s all good.  NO!  NO WAY!  You will know God’s people by their fruit.  What’s growing on them? What’s coming out of their heart?  How are they using the tools that have been given to them? As my husband used to tell me when we were dating, “Don’t listen to what I say – watch what I do.”

Confusion.  It’s from the enemy and it keeps God’s people locked up and renders you useless.  Throw off everything that hinders, the sin that easily entangles, and run this race that God has set before you – WITH your eyes fixed on Jesus.  *Drops mic*

*Picks mic back up*

God knows your heart and wants to use you to bless others. As the tool of money flows in ask yourself where your heart is.  2 Corinthians 13:5 says “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves.”  Be led by The Spirit and watch God use you – for His glory.

May God pour out many riches on you (not just monetary riches) and your family in 2016!

You are dearly loved!


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