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Well, in case you didn’t know – now you’re gonna know! Earlier this year The Lord gave me a vision of this awesome new project to launch called:

PHJ 111215

(Kudos to my bestie and AMAZING graphic designer, Melissa Martin for the awesome logo)

Point Her Journey Project will launch in March of 2016 and be … awesome.

The purpose is to use life-giving words through writing, speaking, and however else we communicate, to help point women back on course. We are surrounded by negativity. I have seen and felt how the negativity around us creates a negative mind set that tends to throw us off course.  I have also seen and felt how a positive, life giving word can help change our perspective in an instant and point us right back on course so that we can continue on our journey. You were created on purpose and with a purpose and it’s one of my greatest passions to help you get motivated, inspired, and equipped with tools and tips to accomplish all that you were created for!

That’s Point Her Journey!

I’ve assembled a team of incredible women who are busy (right this second) creating life-giving content for YOU!  We’re gonna hit you with blogs, monthly newsletters, and positive social media posts.  We’ll have tools and tips for the areas of life where we tend to get stuck and thrown off course such as:

Health & Wellness


Time Management

Self Worth


Leadership/ Entrepreneurship

Finding Balance

and MORE!

Pointherjourney.com will be the website (it’s not ready yet) where you’ll find all this awesome content along with lots of other awesome stuff.

The other side of Point Her Journey will be a consulting firm that will literally help point women on the right course with private coaching and consulting that is tailored to your vision and specific needs.  That’s a further out goal but I’m in the process of preparing action items to get an LLC up and running.

LOTS of new things happening and I’m so excited to see them unfold.

Thank you for always coming along for the journey!  I’m so honored to link arms with you and walk this out together.

As we prepare for our launch you have an opportunity to sign up to receive monthly inspiration (promise we won’t blow up your email or sell your email address).  We’ll keep you informed about the official launch of Point Her Journey Project and Point Her Journey, LLC and bring a good word to you.

Sign up now and receive a FREE download, 7 Tips For a Healthier You, written by Wellness Coach, Founder of Operation Motivation Fitness, and one of my writing team members for Point Her Journey Project, Amber Barnett.

This free download is just in time for all those New Year’s Resolutions and packed with helpful tips that are guaranteed to help you get healthier for 2016 !

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Get signed up and get excited! It’s gonna be a fun and challenging journey – AND totally worth it all!

Your friend,




2 thoughts on “Point Her Journey

  1. Fabulous! Shared on my Facebook. We do a Girl emPOWERment Club for our 6th grade girls at the public school. Will you by any chance have any thing for adolescent girls? That would be incredible.

    • Hi there! Thanks for sharing. Yes, we’re actually going to have a whole sector for adolescent girls. Christian recording artist, Jme Medina, is the director over the youth sector for Point Her Journey.

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