4 Pieces of Advice to Help You Forgive


If you’re carrying around unforgiveness you are in bondage. You’re stuck.  You’re wondering why you aren’t able to live life abundantly and it’s because you’re sinking in quick sand.

My greatest fear is not death, is not snakes and spiders (although those are pretty gross), it’s not someone walking away from me …  my greatest fear is staying in the same place.  I don’t want to be the same 5 years from now.  Heck! I don’t want to be the same 5 months from now or 5 weeks from now or 5 days from now. You get what I’m saying, right?

For years I have been frustrated on the treadmill of life.  Moving at a fast pace and getting nowhere! Activity doesn’t necessarily mean productivity. It just means that you’re in motion but getting nowhere fast.

If you’re living with unforgiveness then you are on the treadmill of life. Holding on to the offense isn’t hurting them – it’s hurting you. It’s keeping you a prisoner.  The person who hurt you has moved on.  They may not even know that they’ve hurt you. You could be holding on to an offense from 10 years ago that the offender has no clue they even caused in your life.  Now tell me who is being punished?

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Surely Enough


Are you struggling with your identity?  This doesn’t have to  mean you’re completely upside down in who you are but maybe just a seed of doubt was placed in your heart?  Maybe a friendship came to an end recently because you were growing into new seasons and that person scattered lies into your soul?  Maybe you looked in the mirror this morning and thought, ‘ugh. Disgusting.’ Maybe a critic blind sided you and spoke negatively over work you put your blood, sweat, and tears into?

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Move On

Move On

4 Tips to Motivate Preparation


If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that success doesn’t just happen.  I mean opportunity can show up but if you’re not prepared for it …  welp.  There it goes.

For so many years I sat around with big dreams in my heart but I never prepared.  When I was motivated I would write and that wasn’t very often. I would start to feel sorry for myself because nothing was happening.  Then I’d head out to social media world where everything was happening for everyone except me!  The discouragement led to more moping around and accomplishing nothing.

You ever just get to that point  where you’ve had enough?! Sometimes it’s like you have to get to that point in order to make a change. It was through the constant frustration that I realized that God has planted so many seeds in my heart but they were just idly sitting there.

I’ve often struggled as a follower of Jesus because I didn’t want to make a wrong move.  If I stepped out to prepare for a dream, was I stepping outside of God’s will?  If I tried to make it happen did that mean that I was thinking of myself more powerful than God? Do you sit and wait or do you get up and move?  So many teachings on ‘be still’ and yet so many teachings on ‘do’.  UGH!  So I just sat and did nothing.  Continue reading

8 Tips For Setting Boundaries


Merry Christmas!

For some folks it was a glorious, magical, amazing day that was full of laughter and joyful memories with family.  For others … it was a hot mess.

I mean, sure … you posted photos of dinner and selfies with family in the background with big smiles.  You may have even posted something on social media thanking God for another year with your loved ones and referencing how much fun you had together.  But now you’re sitting at home, browsing the internet, feeling empty and broken and trying to fill the void.

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Overcoming Blind Spots

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.17.57 AM

Ever notice how easy it is to point out what’s wrong in a friend’s life and then map out a course of correction to help them get unstuck?  Like it’s no big deal at all?!?! “Oh, yeah, Susie … Susie just needs to break up with him, spend some time with The Lord and wait for all that God has for her instead of trying to take control of everything herself. That’s exactly what Susie needs to do!”

Have you been Susie before?  How easy is it to just break up with dude and wait on God?  It’s lovely in theory but it’s not how real life works.  I find it interesting how easy it is to call out the blind spots in the lives of others but as soon as someone calls out OUR OWN blind spots … WHOA!  Continue reading

Tuesday Ramblings


I was just reflecting this morning on 2015 and all that it entailed. I’m not a big New Year’s Resolution fan because I believe you can have a new start at any moment in time. With Christmas a few days away I thought about how the King left His throne in heaven to come to earth. Jesus was born, of flesh, on this earth, dwelt among us, sinless but became sin … he was born to die so that we could live and have new life. Through Him we are new creations. The old has gone and the new has come.  Continue reading