When You’re Not ‘Got’


Sometimes people are not going to get you.  They’re just not. You’re going to be in a room full of people and feel alone.  You’re going to be in the midst of conversation and feel like your words are coming out but not being comprehended by the person you’re talking with.  You’re going to share your dream and not receive enthusiasm in return.

You know why people won’t alway get you?  Because they’re not you.  You know why people won’t always get your dream?  Because it’s yours.  They were not meant to ‘get’ your dream.

So I’ve cleared that up for you.  What now?  Do you sulk?  Do you mope because no one understands?  No!

The dreams and desires in your heart are so special.  If they were made for everyone else they wouldn’t be so special.  They would exist among the majority and they wouldn’t stand out.

You are equipped with unique talents.  You are a story and the last chapter has not been written yet.  All of your life experience, good and bad, is paving the way for greatness! Greatness doesn’t reveal itself in large arenas and with tons of followers – greatness reveals itself at the dinner table with your family.  Greatness reveals itself at the grocery store when you look someone in the eye, smile, and say hello to them.

Greatness is in you because of you and not because of what you’re doing and accomplishing.  Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4). You can be confident in who God created you to be and the dreams He has placed into your heart.

So people don’t get you? So what?! They don’t get me either.  We don’t let that stop us.  We don’t get discouraged and spend energy trying to make people understand. We just be. AND we just be okay with ‘being’.

If they don’t get you – then you know you’re doing it right. If you’re pissing people off (with the right heart of course :o) )  – then you know you’re doing it right. The best it yet to come but you have to continue.  You have to hold steady.  You have to be okay with being you.  You have to be okay when people don’t get you.

So here’s to people not ‘getting’ us! And here’s to carrying on anyway!

You are loved dearly!



4 thoughts on “When You’re Not ‘Got’

  1. Love this. I think I’ve had a bit of a fear of people not getting me – learning to overcome this and not worry. Also, can relate so much to what you wrote in that side bar section.

    • Thanks for the response, Juni. When you feel like someone doesn’t get you it tends to plant a seed of fear and doubt in your heart. I’ve been there many times which is why I’m so passionate about encouraging others to push through the discomfort and carry on!

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