Fear hand

Fear is stupid.  Just stupid.

I know that’s not very deep or mature … but it just is.

Fear robs you from moving forward.  Fear takes you captive and dictates your every move.  The dreams and desires you have in your heart take a back seat in life when you let fear drive you.

It’s easy to stay where it’s “safe” and ordinary.  So many people miss out on what they are called to do in life because they are okay in the comfortable.  That doesn’t mean the comfortable is good – it’s just means that its familiar and ‘safe’.  That’s just not good enough anymore.

You were called to great things.  That doesn’t mean big outcomes and big audiences.  Sure – maybe for some of you, but BIG and GREAT doesn’t necessarily mean fame and fortune.  BIG and GREAT are what’s trapped in you but DYING to get out and LIVE.  Don’t grieve the BIG and GREAT in you!

I told a friend earlier, in regards to people grieving their dreams and purpose in life due to the fact that they’re caught up in drama and filth – ”

“I want them to WANT more for their life and to do something with the gifts and dreams in their hearts.  They upset me because they are robbing the world of what they have to offer… instead they sit and take a dump on it.  lol!”

Sorry.  That’s just a glimpse into “texting with April”.

Seriously though!  It breaks my heart to see so many people doing what their mama and ‘nem do because they think that’s who they are.  That’s NOT who they are.  It’s not who you are!

You have something in you that only YOU have.  It doesn’t look like someone else’s gift.  It doesn’t operate like someone else’s gift.  It’s yours. If you don’t use it, you rob the world and you rob me.

 I’m offended. Everyone else always seem to be offended over something and now I’m offended.  I’m offended because you’re robbing me.  You’re robbing me of something wonderful. You’re holding back something incredible!  Something only YOU were designed for!

When you play small and stay involved in petty games and slanderous talk, you sit in a stagnant swamp and rot there. You were made for so much more than that and you know it!

I’m challenging you to step out.  I’m challenging you to shake off the weight that tells you ‘you’re not good enough’ and ‘you’ll never make it’.  That’s a lie.  That a lie straight from hell and it keeps you locked up in fear.  I don’t think you’re afraid of failure.  I think you’re afraid of success.  I think you’re afraid of possibly losing yourself and the FEAR of the unknown.  Guess what?  It’s all unknown.  We can plan and map all we want just to make ourselves FEEL more in control – but ultimately it’s unknown to us and we’re not in control. So what do you have to lose?!

Get up from the stagnant waters where you rest and move on. You’ve spent way too much time there! What about your friends? …  What about them? The heartbreaking truth is that when you decide to do better for yourself and step into a future that holds MORE for you, some of your closest ‘friends’ will be the first ones to try and discourage you.

I pray your eyes open to what friends really are and what their character should reflect.  If they’re pulling you back – they gotta go! They are more than welcome to come along but if you feel resistance, they GOTS TA GO. That includes family too!

Pray.  Pray without ceasing. Pray and ask God for direction and discernment. I was stuck in a mental battle of manipulation and fear for YEARS.  Lies that were spoken over me were so real inside of my head.  Guilt, shame, always trying to play both sides of the fence so no one would be mad at me.  Trying to please one person just to find out that another is mad at me … then going to please that person just to find out the other person is mad at me again.  It’s exhausting.  It’s captivity. It’s hindering you and it keeps you locked up and sitting in a stagnant place.

This is serious business. I’m tellin’ ya, I’m offended.  There are no more excuses. This is YOUR life and you only get one shot.  You don’t want to look back at the end of this journey and have regret.  None of us are getting out of this alive on this side of eternity – so why not do it NOW!?

This is not a motivational blog to build you up for this moment just to let you crash and burn hard in the next few days.  You don’t have to figure it all out today.  You don’t have to accomplish it all today.  You just have to make a choice.  Just one choice.  Do you want to stay where you are? If not, what’s the one thing you’re going to do to change the course of your life?  Just one thing.  What is it?

Start there.  If you don’t know where to start I would suggest starting with Jesus (I’m assuming you already know Him, but if not and you want to know Him, message me and let’s chat).  Stop what you’re doing and allow Him to meet you where you’re at. Your words don’t have to be pretty and flowing.  Your verbiage doesn’t have to sound like the person on TV or at church.  Just call out to Him – just like you would to a friend and tell Him that you’ve hit a wall.  You’re done. You don’t want this way of life anymore.  You know He has put incredible things in you and you want Him to cultivate those gifts and talents.

Surrender.  Throw your hands up (do it right now) and let The Lord know that you’re done trying to control everything.  You’re done trying to make everyone happy. You’re done with the swamp.  Surrender your whole life to Jesus and ask Him to show you what that looks like.

Get around some good people and get some good stuff in your head! If you’re scrolling through social media and filling your head with junk, that’s going to flow through you.  It’s going to poison you.  If you sit and watch TV that is nothing but drama and filth – it’s going to poison you. If you hang around people that have nothing better to do with their time than sit and talk about other people’s lives, it’s going to poison you.  What do you think is going to happen when you start to grow and step out into what you were designed for?!  You are who you hang with.  No matter how hard you try to dance around it … your friends will rub off on you.  Make sure you’ve got good folks around you. If your friends reference you as “Bitch, slut, or hoe” in a joking manner, I can tell you right now – that’s a major red flag!  You deserve better than that.  Yeah, you.  YOU deserve better.

I’m praying for each person who reads this message.  I pray that a fire starts to burn in your soul that will not let you rest until you make a change (you’re welcome)!  :o)

You were created on purpose with purpose.  You have something that was placed in you that you’re supposed to share with this world for God’s glory! You’re robbing a lot of people by staying where you’re at … by sitting in the swamp, by letting fear tell you who you are and what you’re going to do with your life.

There is no chain that the love of Jesus can’t break. None.  Not one.

No more holding back.  No more playing small. Fear is stupid. Stupid.

It’s time to rise, my friend.

You are loved beyond what you could ever imagine.

Your friend,



2 thoughts on “FEAR IS STUPID

  1. I feel afraid.

    I don’t really know of what. Maybe of being ill again? Possibly. At some point most days just lately I feel depressed, everything is an effort. My house is really a mess, my husband does what he can but not as much as maybe he should considering I work full time plus overtime and he only works 3 days a week. My 27 yr old son and 25 yr old daughter are still at home but I don’t get a lot of help from them either, their rooms are absolute tips, clothes everywhere, can’t see the floor. I don’t know why they are so bad, I keep asking them to tidy up but they just won’t. My dog is very old and keeps having accidents in the house so I’m forever having to wash dog beds.

    I don’t feel comfortable in my home anymore. I don’t feel loved by my family.

    I know you’re hundreds of miles away, maybe that’s why I can be so open with you but I so wish you were nearer.

    Sorry to go on, I know I’m being silly.


    • I’m so sorry, Karen. Sometimes it seems as though things can build and build and cause so much anxiety due to the fact that you realize you have no control to change it. Sometimes when we just put it into perspective and boil it down we can come up with realistic actions to help bring upon a change. It first begins with asking ourselves a very real and honest question – “Do I want change?” If the answer is yes, then what is one thing you could do today to incorporate change? It doesn’t have to be climbing the whole mountain, just one step. That could be keeping a list of all the things that are going ‘right’ in your life, all the the things you’re grateful for and committing to focusing on that list rather than all the other things that are going wrong … just for today. I love that we are connected, Karen!

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