A Word For Monday


It has always been hard for me to wake up really early in the morning. It’s not that I’m not a morning person- I have just always felt this heaviness towards facing the new day. It’s hard to explain but it’s as if I dread getting up in my body.

The enemy has always used this time to whisper lies in my ear and bring oppression.
You know what, though? The devil is a liar! I don’t even spend time listening to him. I speak truth over myself and the day ahead.

I thank God for all He has done and prophesy over what He will do.
When you’ve been raked over the coals with anxiety and depression for a year of your life and overcome- you learn that the devil is a roaring lion with no teeth! He just talks. All bark- no bite. If you sit and dwell on him, what he’s doing, what he said, how you feel…you’ll eventually believe him.

Honestly, I don’t even try to reference him much anymore. He’s not even worth my time. I don’t deny the fact that he’s there but I’ve just discovered when our focus is on Jesus and not on the lies of the enemy, we don’t waste our time on silliness.
We have already overcome. We are already free. We have all authority to crush the devil. He cannot harm us. He is the father of lies. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He is the accuser. He brings confusion. We are not unaware of his schemes. He is defeated.
There is no place for fear in your life. That doesn’t mean you don’t feel fear- it means you don’t let it be your god. You don’t let it tell you what to do. You don’t let it stop you.
So, if you have a hard time getting up in the early morning like me, or feel that heaviness at other times in your life- just remember… There is a yappy little lion, with no teeth, that creates a big shadow so he appears bigger than he is… He has no authority.
I’m rolling my eyes for putting this much attention on the enemy, but I just felt someone needed this.
Eyes and heart on Jesus- even when you don’t feel like it.

Faith is not a feeling. God’s Word is truer than how you feel.
Happy Monday!


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