The Climb


My heart is crushed.

I was just sitting here looking at Facebook and stumbled upon an old school mate.  I didn’t really know her very well but I know we went to school together for many years.

I was Facebook stalking her page (don’t act like you don’t do it) and looking through her awesome pictures.  I liked this girl.  I never knew her or what she was passionate about but I never heard anything bad about her.  I honestly cannot ever remember hearing anyone mention her name.

As I completed my stalking fest I thought to myself, “I should request her as a friend and connect with her.”  I went to click on Add Friend but realized I didn’t look at her wall.  Every good Facebook stalker knows to view the wall as well … but there was a problem.

This girl passed away a few years ago.

I felt crushed.  I read all the wonderful messages on her wall that people have been posting for years! They were sharing how much they miss her and what a wonderful person she was.  I cried as I was reading through comments.  People really love her, a lot.

I never knew her and I never will on this side of eternity.  She was never a person that I heard of at school.  I don’t think I have ever heard her name mentioned.  After graduation and into our adult years my mind never brought her up … but this doesn’t mean she was insignificant.

I think about how often we want people to notice us.  We strive and perform to make amazing things happen … but what then?  Amazing moments pass and then we spend our time searching for another amazing moment, and then another amazing moment.  We can get so caught on seeking the mountain top that we’re missing out on the amazing climb – [queue Miley].

I’m in a season where God is teaching me to enjoy the climb.  This season is changing my life.  I’m learning to breathe and live in the moment. I’m learning that our purpose is not “out there” somewhere.  We don’t have to seek after it and run towards it.  Our purpose exists right here, right now.  Your purpose exists when you’re changing another diaper.  Your purpose exists when you’re grabbing coffee at Starbucks.  Your purpose exists when you’re putting laundry away (if you’re actually a person who puts laundry away … does anyone really do that or just live out of the clean clothes basket like me? ha!)

Your purpose is already with you.   It’s what you have inside to share with those around you through a smile, a simple word of encouragement, a mundane chore, or an act of service … not striving but just by existing … by being YOU.

This girl left this life a few years ago and today I was touched by her.  She’s not even physically here anymore and she’s still touching lives.  THAT IS LIVING.  Right? That’s living a life that’s bigger than you. That’s leaving a legacy behind.

From what I gather about her, she loved and she loved well. We can’t love people well if we’re so caught up on our own junk all the time, complaining about the climb, and seeking a purpose that is farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away on the mountain top.

I’ve been on the mountain top many times.  I’m sure you have too.  Do we stay there? Nope. No matter how hard we try to hang on, we always have to come back down.  Life is truly lived during the climb.

My heart was crushed when I saw that this beautiful young woman was no longer present among us physically.  I was sad to know that I’ll never know her beyond her Facebook page that is left behind.  But I was also incredibly inspired.  She seemed like a chick who knew how to live life abundantly even during the climb … especially during the climb.

May we be encouraged, content and loving others well as we climb.

You are loved!


One thought on “The Climb

  1. Oh April, so very true and so very, very wise. I need to hear this again and again. Live changes in seconds, and waiting for _______________ is a lie and a waste of all that’s inbetween. Thanks for reminding me! REtweeted.

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