Locker Room


Have you ever hit that point where you feel like you’re going to explode if you hear one more negative thing?

Ughhhhhghhghghghghghghghghghghghghg!! <– That was me exploding.

It’s only Tuesday.  I’ve had enough and I’m ready to go live under a rock for a couple of weeks.  :o)

Ladies … you …. you reading this post right now …. tell me something good.  Just one thing.  You can tell me more if you’d like but at least share with me one good thing.

I heard a teaching the other day that compared the locker room of a winning team to a losing team.  If you go into the locker room of the losing team it’s quiet.  The faces are disgruntled.  There is no hope. It’s sad and depressing.

If you go into the locker room of the winning team it’s a whole different story!  They are shouting, chanting, high-fiving! They are laughing, dancing, jumping around.  The energy is insane!

Which locker room do you want to be in?  Which team do you want to be on? The winning team, right?! Guess what?! We are on the winning team!  We will always be on the winning team.  Jesus said, “It is finished.”  Guess what that means?  That means … it. is. finished.  All of it.  Every bit of it. Finished.  Done.  Compete.  WIN!

We are spending way too much time focusing our energy, thoughts, conversations around the negative things that are thrown our way instead of surrendering the need to control, setting appropriate boundaries, speaking truth to the chaos, and giving God the glory for all the amazing things He is doing in our lives.

We can compare crap stories if you’d like but I’d rather compare redemption stories. I’d rather compare the blessings.  We are way too focused on what’s going wrong rather than on what’s going right.

Which locker room are you in?  It’s your choice to pick which locker room you stay in. I don’t know about you – but I’m already on the winning team so I’m not hanging out in the loser locker room.  I’ve spent way too much time there in my past.

Today is a new day, friend.  Ask The Lord to shine light on the areas of your heart and mind that are distracted by a negative perspective.  He will shine light in the darkness and He will change you from the inside out.  He is faithful.

So lift your eyes up off of your circumstances, off the drama, off of everyone else’s drama that’s not even any of your business – and shift your focus back to Jesus and the victory that we have already …. and tell me something good.

Love to you!


5 thoughts on “Locker Room

  1. Had to share with you something good- the Lord is continuing to provide for us just enough over and over.. Just enough to have a nice dinner out for our anniversary and just enough for Chris to take time off to go camping, just enough to do those things and not get evicted (seriously, it’s tight around here). I knew we were going into a season of prosperity a while back and Chris said I wouldn’t really call this prosperity and I said when you can afford to live in Franklin, TN and pay your bills and eat healthy food AND we have two cars now, that IS prosperity. We’ve been provided for through countless blessings and people don’t even know how much they’re giving means to us! Novel Creature is rebranding and I have a GREAT opportunity this November to be in a holiday show and we barely have the money to afford it but we can make it work.. God has been so faithful to us and I just had to share! He is GOOD!

    Marissa Barrett Novel Creature Repurposed for Good. Nashville, TN. @novelcreature



    • Thank you so much for sharing this, Marissa!! I am so happy for you guys and admire your ability to look past needing/wanting more and seeing God’s faithfulness in what He has provided for you guys.


  2. You’re wantin’ something good–this post is!! You can come live in MY town anytime! Super reminders,
    Love this: “…surrendering the need to control, setting appropriate boundaries, speaking truth to the chaos, and giving God the glory…” Thank you.

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