The Blank Line

This blank line now has a name. That name is linked to a person who I have never met. This blank line leads to siblings that I have never met. This blank line leads to a story that has now been shared with me after 30 years.

It’s like this hidden piece of my life has come to the surface. That feeling of “you’re not good enough” and “no one wants you” now makes sense in a weird way.

The past few days have been confusing and I’m still processing. I can feel the enemy jerking at my identity but I can hear The Holy Spirit saying, “This does not change Who I Am or who you are in Me.”

Last September I posted this … almost as if it was prophetic for this season of life where the hidden details would be revealed… and it still stands true today:

“I had to get my hands on my birth information since I’ll be going out of the country soon and need to get my passport. I hold this birth information in my hands and see a blank line under “Father’s Full Name”. This blank line offers me many choices. I could choose to be a victim who doesn’t know who her birth Father is… But I choose not to. This blank line does not identify me. This blank line does not determine my future. I have never lived as an illegitimate child. I choose not to wear that burden. My Heavenly Father is more real than any blank line on a birth certificate. My mother decided to keep me… what a sacrifice at such a young age and God provided me with an earthly father figure (who I will ALWAYS claim as my dad) who stepped in and bridged the gap … but even if He didn’t – I would still be okay.

Don’t let your circumstances determine your destiny. Don’t let the enemy ruin you or discourage you by whispering his stupid lies to you! You are worthy and valuable! You were created for a purpose. You are not a mistake! You are HIS and He will cover any blank line in your life.

He is a father to the fatherless. He is good and faithful. Always.”


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