I want to address something.  I want to go ahead and say this so we can all have a sigh of relief.  I’m going to take the pressure off.

We all care what people think. We just do.

We can say over and over again how much we don’t care what people think but the only reason we say this is because we do care what people think.  If we truly didn’t care – we wouldn’t feel a need to say that we don’t care, we would just simply move on.

We all want to be accepted, liked, cared for, agreed with. We all want to be loved and have approval from others.  We all want to live easy flowing lives where people are in sync and harmony with one another.  If you don’t want this – I don’t know how to relate to you.  Sorry.

I know it’s tough to admit, right?  To say you care what people think leaves your heart wide open.  It leaves you extremely vulnerable.

I say let’s tear these walls down.  Let’s be real.  We can grow when we’re real.  We can help others when we’re real.  So. There! We care what others think.  It does hurt my feelings if people don’t like me or misunderstand my heart.  However, it won’t stop me.  I will push forward regardless.

Someone will always have something to say and the enemy loves when we get caught on the hamster wheel of talking bad about others because we heard they don’t like us or something that we do.  We go on and on about how much we don’t care and yet spend so much of our time talking with those around us, trying to defend ourselves.

When you’re more focused on the negativity of other people rather than just moving on … you’re stuck.

So … we don’t always agree with one another.  Great.  Move on.

So… we don’t always think someone is doing something the BEST way.  Great. Move on.

So… someone doesn’t like you.  Won’t be the first person and won’t be the last person. Move on.

Don’t get stuck.  People are hurt.  They react in ways that hurt people react.  Hurt people hurt people and healed people heal people.  Let’s be a healed people.  Let’s have grace when we hear that someone has something negative to say.

Check this out – if the person doesn’t really know you then what validity do they have anyway?

We ALL care what others think. We do.

You don’t have to stop caring what they think – you just have to keep moving regardless.

Haters gon’ hate.  No matter what, for the rest of your life, haters gon’ hate. That’s okay.  What’s not okay is stooping down to their level and playing in the mud with them. We’re running a race.  Ain’t nobody got time to keep looking back because of critics.

You’re too good for that hot mess. You’ve got bigger and better things to do. Repent. Tell your friends to shush. Move on.

Galatians 1:10New International Version (NIV)

10 Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.

You are loved DEARLY!


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