Jesus Offers Freedom


You’re trying to create solutions to the problems you created. Sometimes you’ve got to reach outside of you and get some help.

This morning I was kindly rejected in regards to some ministry plans. I accepted the rejection and didn’t even get my feelings hurt. I didn’t take it personal at all. I’m not going to let it stop me either. I am in awe and giving glory to God when I see myself react the way I do now. The ‘old’ April would have created this huge drama story about rejection out of this situation. I would have fell victim to the fact that no one wants me. I would have cried and my husband and friends would hear about this for days or even weeks. Do you know how this change came along? It’s not because I one day decided I didn’t want to be a victim anymore and then just got up and made a change … no!

I did decide I didn’t want to be a victim anymore but instead of trying to find a solution for myself, I turned to God and asked Him to help me. I read the scripture. I prayed. I surrounded myself with strong women of God. THEN … rejection came and I failed miserably. I pouted around for a few days and then I got back up and started seeking the Lord again. I begged God to remove that victim mentality that was rooted in me. I got rejected again … and I failed AGAIN.

Eventually the people you hang with rub off on you. I started repenting for blind spots in my life that were coming into view. I started setting appropriate boundaries with people. I got rejected … but this time it didn’t sting as much. It hurt, but not as much. This time I moved on a little quicker.

You see, as we are seeking God and his direction for our lives, things HAVE TO change. You cannot know God and stay the same. Not out of obligation but adoration. I tried to change myself out of my own human effort so many times and it never worked. I created a lot of my own problems in my head. I always thought people had a negative attitude toward me, when truly I just had a negative attitude toward myself. I ruined relationships because I was toxic. I hurt people because I was hurt. I chose the wrong crowd of people to hang out with because I didn’t think I was worthy to have ‘better’ people in my life. My problem was myself.

I don’t write this to brag about me. I write this to tell you how jacked up I am and yet God has changed me and is still changing me! He is faithful. Pick yourself up off the ground and dust yourself off! He’s not finished with us yet!

When you’re secure in your identity in Christ, you can be rejected. You can understand that sometimes the people who reject you are STILL good people. You can understand that when someone tells you “no”, that is their right to do that and their boundaries can be respected. You don’t take offense… you don’t let it throw you off course. Jesus offers us so much freedom.

Press in and press forward.

April Poynter

2 thoughts on “Jesus Offers Freedom

  1. I am proud of you. I am trying to learn how to defeat anxiety and depression, I know God can do it, but in his time.

    • Thank you for your note and for reading! I understand how difficult the journey can be but I do know there is hope. I’m hosting a webinar this Wednesday at 8pm Central where I’ll address some common questions about anxiety/depression and other topics of bondage if you’d like to join the call. Please just email me at so I’ll have your email address and from there I can send you the call details if you’re interested.

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