Don’t Rush The Process


I’m writing this today to speak to myself.  However, if this speaks to your heart as well then that’s cool too.

Saturday morning after breakfast my husband, Tony, and I left our son, Sway, strapped in his high chair while we created Sway a really cool “play space” in the living room. Sway did not want to stay in his high chair and started throwing a tantrum because he wanted out! Little did he know his parents were creating something better for him and if he rushed the process it wasn’t going to be nearly as cool as we wanted it to be. We made him stay seated. Confined to the chair he started bucking around and getting upset again. Tony looks over to me and says, “This is how we are with God. He’s over here putting together something so much better than where we are now but we want to rush the process.” I’m a visual person so this was perfect for me! Sooo true! Just cause we can’t see what God is doing doesn’t mean He’s forgotten about us or that He doesn’t have something way better that He’s assembling for us.

Sway was being so loud and unruly in his high chair that I wanted to take him out just to get him to calm down but Tony said, “No. Leave him there.  If you bring him in here he will get in the way and may even get hurt.”

We have this huge play fence thing that takes up our whole living room area if you put all the pieces together.  It takes a lot of effort to get everything put together and set up though.  If I had brought Sway into the unfinished space he could get hurt on one of the panels that wasn’t secured. We, the parents, could see this but Sway could not.  It hurt me to see him so upset but it was best for him to wait a little longer.

Is that not the perfect imagery or what?  If we scream loud enough or kick hard enough maybe God will remove us from our confined space and put us somewhere different … but have you ever thought about maybe the space isn’t quite ready yet… or maybe we’ll get hurt there…?

I’m in a season of life where I’ve been throwing a lot of tantrums lately.  This scene on Saturday morning rattled my heart.  I am my son in the high chair.  I’m upset because I’m chained to something I don’t want to be chained to.  I want out!!!! Put me ANYWHERE but here.  God is in the living room securing me an awesome play area.  I can’t see around the corner to see what He’s doing in there so all I can focus on is the fact that I’m secured to a high chair and breakfast is over!  Why am I still sitting here? Have you forgotten about me?  Surely you have forgotten so I’ll just throw a fit to get your attention!

God is so good!  He’s so faithful.  He seeks out ways to bless us!  He’s involved in our everyday ‘stuff’.  What breaks our heart breaks His heart.

Let faith arise in your heart today.  Know that God is on the other side of that wall preparing something so awesome! Don’t rush the process and don’t entertain lies that He has forgotten about you.

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” – Hebrews 11:1

In Christ Jesus,


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