Refining Fire


When you decide to change it’s not easy.  Why do you think so many people stay the same way with their bad characteristics and traits?  It’s because change is hard… or so you think.

Take it a from me, a person who has changed DRASTICALLY over the past few years.  It’s not that change is hard it’s that change is uncomfortable.  In order to change there are things in your heart that have to be revealed to you and who likes to know the bad things about themselves?

A friend of mine, who is also a pastor, said the other day, “If you want to see how you are, record yourself for a day and then listen back to it.  You might be surprised at what you find.”

Hes’ right! My daughter got a LeapPad Ultra for her birthday and she loves the voice recorder.  We were sitting on the couch last night listening to some of her recordings and I found quite a surprise.  We sat and listened to her singing Part of That World exactly the way Ariel sings it, we listened to her made up language that she calls Spanish.  Then we listened to her having a conversation with her brother and out of nowhere you hear a person that sounds like me SCREAM, “TRINITYYYYYYYYY!  DO WHAT I TOLD YOU TO DO NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!”

I was so embarrassed. Obviously I had asked her to do something (probably NUMEROUS times) and I looked up and saw her still playing with her LeapPad and yelled at her.  I honestly hardly recognized the voice coming from the recording.  It was awful. I made her delete it immediately and laughed as I told her, “Get rid of that!! DELETE!  I don’t want anyone to know me like that.”  I may not want anyone to know the ugly parts of me that need to be changed (like adding a little more patience and kindness to myself) but they still need to be changed.  How can you change though, if you don’t know that there is something that needs to be corrected?

Pray! Ask God to show you and He will. Trust me. He will.  Also think back about recurring comments in your life.  Not that all opinions can be trusted but a lot of times if more than one person has mentioned the same thing about you, whether friend or foe, there may be some truth to what they are saying.

Most of us already know though.  We know what needs to be changed we just make excuses for the way we are and the struggles we have.  There is no excuse though.

It’s your journey.  You are the one walking it out.  I can tell you from experience that change is uncomfortable but look at it more like refining fire.  Once you take that thing to God to help you work through before you know it you’re overcoming! you’re not reacting the same as you would back in the day to situations that used to get under your skin.  CHANGE happens and you’re better because of it.

Don’t let anyone rush you or speak negativity over you as you’re changing.  You’re a work in progress, we all are!

Be refined even if it hurts.  You’re a masterpiece in the making!

Be free,


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