Guest Video Blog by Carly Thomson, Founder of Pure Heart Ministries and author of “Truth Seekers: The Princess and The Door”.

Carly Thomson

Carly Thomson was born on the Central Coast of Australia, in 1982. From that point on, Carly, whose name means strong one, would climb many a mountain to chase after many an adventure.
At the age of 26 she married the love of her life and began her much-awaited dream of teaching.
Carly loves to work with girls. She loves to challenge their mindsets and broaden their knowledge of the word of God. To teach and train the girls to stand firm as set apart daughters of the Most High God. To look beyond themselves to the brokenness around them and see what the bible tells them about how they can help.
She loves the imagination and has been known to transform an entire classroom into an interactive scene that depicts the very topic of study, simply to immerse the students within the learning experience.
Carly has just completed a diploma in Professional Children’s Writing at the Australian College. From there has authored, “Truth Seekers: The Princess and The Door”. This is the first book in a series of Christian short novels for tweenage girls.
Right now, Carly is the mother of two gorgeous little boys and often finds herself caught up in imaginative play around castles, cars, dinosaurs and pirates! She is currently completing her Masters Degree in Christian Studies, works with tweenage girls in her local church and is working on the next book in the Truth Seekers series.

About Pure Heart Ministries:

Pure Heart Ministries are passionate about seeing girls walk confidently, knowing their value and purpose in Jesus. We desire to see all our girls in relationship with their creator, knowing Him and His great love for them. We seek to teach and train them up in His Word, in Worship and through Prayer.

Contact Carly:
Instagram: @pureheartministries
You can purchase a hard copy or e-book of Carly’s book, “Truth Seekers: The Princess and The Door” from:

Speak Life – Video blog by Carly Thomson

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