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The other day I met with a local pastor in the community and I honestly feel like my life has been changed from one conversation with him.

Do you ever feel like you get caught up in the silliness of people?  You know, the drama… the criticism, the comparison, etc?  After meeting with this pastor I realized how small my vision can be.

This pastor is so focused on serving and helping others that his vision is HUGE! I’m not saying he doesn’t get caught up on the hurt of people not supporting him, or the comparisons of our flesh … but I could feel the excitement coming off of him because he serves constantly.

If you take a look at the Gospels and see how Jesus lived His life on earth – it was to serve.  In fact, He mentions constantly in the Bible how we should be serving.

If we’re not serving we are robbing the earth and ourselves of something GREAT!

When I went through anxiety and depression I read somewhere (sorry I can’t give credit to the author because I read so much during that time that I just don’t remember) that if you’re suffering from depression you should serve.  Everything in your body will go against it but do it anyway.  Your focus will go from being all about you to serving others.  I tried this and it worked! I most definitely did NOT want to do it but once I did – my vision changed.

We have to remember that the devil doesn’t just want us to worship him instead of God.  If the enemy can render us useless on this earth, he’ll take that.  If we go ball up in our beds, cover our heads, and stay there all day – we don’t lose our salvation but we’re being ineffective in our walk and in our purpose in life.  The enemy will take that.  If he can keep you miserable or caught in the silliness of people – he’ll take that too.

Let’s expand our visions.  Let’s serve one another in love … and let’s watch AMAZING things happen in the world and in ourselves.

God is good – ALWAYS.

Be Free,


2 thoughts on “Expand Your Vision

  1. Beautiful and inspirational post! I really got the depression analogy as I have suffered most of my life with it and am just now to the point where I am strong enough to fight it and Jesus is my savior, I finally understand that to honour Him I must live as he intended. Thank you for such a lovely post!

    • Thank you for your comment! Depression is very real and once hit with it – so hard to battle! But the victory is always God’s and if we are God’s children, the victory is ours as well. I’m so happy to hear you are doing better!

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