Climb Out


Today I was thinking about how we so often blame others for where we are in our lives.  Someone doubted us or hurt us … someone stole our blessing or emotionally abandoned us…etc.

So we fold our arms, turn our nose to the air, plop down in a chair and do nothing.

That sounds like a fun life, right?

No way!  I’m not trying to belittle your circumstances or hurts that others have brought to you.  That sucks! I know how it feels to be hurt and for dreams to be shattered because of someone who doesn’t believe in you.  I’m just saying how long do we sit in the corner and cry about it?

I feel like I’m being a little harsh so let me back up –

Do you ever find yourself in the bottom of a pit? I know I have before.  It’s our final destination after this world has chewed us up and spit (spat … excuse my grammar) us out.  The pit is dark, cold, lonely, and just flat out depressing.  While we sit in the pit guess where our mockers are?  They are living life! So why should you sit in that pit one more second?

Although people or circumstances have dropped you into the pit, only YOU can let yourself out.  You are the one holding YOURSELF captive in the pit.  Come on out of there and start living again!

How about this – take a moment and look around in the pit.  It’s empty.  All it has is you.  The pit is an empty dwelling place for you.  You allow yourself to stay the night there but then you wonder why your world is gray and why negativity is surrounding you.  

Change your perspective and come up out of there right this minute!

Climb! You’ve never noticed before but there is a ladder along side the wall of the pit.  Stand up and climb out.  Take a deep breath, forgive those who have wronged you, and take a step back into the light.

Remember  – you have to make an effort.  No one can do it for you.  You have to let yourself out.

Be free!


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