Truth Hurts



Some of the greatest changes in my life came from people (who love me and who I trust) telling me the truth about myself.

That’s right.

It hurt … a lot … but it was only through those that I trust being courageous enough to tell me the truth about areas of my life where I wasn’t living very righteously.

We are products of our pasts. Our childhoods, our environments, our friends.  We become a certain way in our thinking and we believe our way is the right way.  A lot of times we ignore the conviction of the Holy Spirit and keep moving right along stuck in our ways.  We are quick to point out what’s wrong in the lives of others around us and offer a solution to their problems and yet we blow right over our own.

How can we become better if we never know there is a problem?

You have to be humble enough to listen and act upon what is being said to you, that’s for sure!

I had a friend offer advice one day and along with that advice was also a dose of truth about a frequent pattern in my life.  It really hurt! I even reconsidered our friendship because I was so upset about what she pointed out about me.  The more I wrestled with it and prayed about it the more the Lord showed me that it really was an issue.  Once I accepted the truth I began to ask the Lord to show me how to make changes.  It took time and the road was tough but definitely worth it!

I love my friends that are courageous enough to tell me the truth … even if it makes me mad.

Good friends should hold you accountable.  They should push you closer to Christ and never away from Him.  They should love you but challenge you.  We become better people by seeking wise counsel and humbling ourselves enough to hear the truth.

The truth does hurt sometimes … but no pain, no gain, right?

Love to you!