God Is There Also

Around a year ago I had just received a job offer after being unemployed for 3 months, which is also during the time that I experienced paralyzing anxiety and panic on a minute by minute basis.  I was very nervous about going back to work and having a routine especially since I was freaked out by myself and my inability to hold a conversation over dinner with a friend without freaking out over some random fear that approached me.

The job offer came in through an email on my phone while I was hanging out with my friend for a morning play date.  I immediately started to freak out.  I was excited but confused of whether I was making the right decision if I accepted the offer.  “But what if this?!?” “But what if that?!?”  When you’re undergoing anxiety you can think of a TRILLION “what ifs”.

My friend turned, looked at me, and gave me the best response that I still think about often, she said “God is there also.”  She could tell I was confused by the look on my face and explained to me, “When you make the right decision, God is there.  When you make the wrong decision, God is there also.”

The light went on!  How true is that? God is there also.  He’s there when we make the right decisions and He’s there when we make the wrong decisions.  Have you made some wrong decisions in your life?  I know I have!  When you look back at those places do you see where God worked it out?  He is so faithful even when we go the wrong direction or make the wrong choice.

The scripture says – “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him” – Romans 8:28

Maybe you’re in the midst of your wrong decision right now… God is there also.

I believe that when we make the wrong choice from a GOOD heart, God’s grace fully covers that. I also believe when we are rotten and just straight up make a wrong choice because we want to – good heart or not – there are consequences for our actions BUT God is there.

Relax.  God is there also.





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