No Grip on Me

I belong to God.  Jesus Christ died to set me free and reconcile me to the Father.  I think we so easily over look that sacrifice.  I say we easily overlook it because I think that if people fully believed in Jesus Christ and understood His sacrifice for us – we could not go on living the way we do. 

For me- I believed that death had a grip on me which left me in chains of fear.  The bondage was so tight in my life that I felt there was no escape.

Only through reading the word and believing by Faith that God’s word is truer than how I felt, I started to stand firm in my position as a follower of Jesus Christ.

Death has lost its grip on me … and on you too, if you believe in Jesus Christ and live your life according to that belief.

…doesn’t mean you’re perfect … or that you always get it right ….

But you are reconciled with the Father, a new creation in Jesus Christ.

Chew on this today: You ARE free. Say it – I AM FREE!

Hosea 4:6 God says: “    my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”  I understand this verse well because I lived with a lack of knowledge for a long time and the enemy almost took me out. 

I pray that you fill your heart and head with the knowledge and power of Jesus Christ so you can take your stand against the enemy’s schemes.  There is no grip on you except the love of Jesus Christ … I’ll take that!

Healed, Whole, New,



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