You Need To Know


My heart is so full tonight. I feel like someone needs to hear this:

I have been held back for YEARS questioning everything about myself (especially since I have become a Believer and follower of Jesus Christ). When I was walkin’ around in the world doing my thing I felt like I knew who I was and I was cool with that.  I had friends, I had fun, I had temporary stuff.  I was figuring things out on my own and that seemed to be working out just fine.

When I was alone and my thoughts would rush in, I always felt like there was a void.  Something was always missing.  In 2005 I met the greatest person I could ever meet, Jesus Christ.  He stole my heart right away but as I grew in my relationship with Him my life started to change for the better and also what seemed for the worse simultaneously.  Over a long, drawn out  process, I lost EVERY single “friend” that I had who was from my old life.  I didn’t fit with them anymore and I wasn’t willing to turn away from Jesus to live a luke-warm-I-believe-but-don’t-live-like-I believe type of life.  I wanted friends desperately but even had a rough time within the Christian “circles” as well.  I just didn’t fit.  Through my journey of fear, anxiety, panic, and depression I realized I was believing such a stupid lie from the enemy.  All this self doubt and insecurity,  puh-lease! A lot of times that just turns into false humility where we stay so wrapped up in ourselves, our feelings, and our ‘stuff’ that we can’t move past it to see all that God has for us.  I know who I am … because I am who GOD says I am and I believe Him!  Tonight I feel like someone else needs to know:

YOU are beautiful.

YOU were created for big/great things!

YOU are accepted.

YOU are smart.

YOU are funny.

YOU are amazing!

You are NOT who you USED TO BE.

It’s not YOUR fault.

YOU ARE better than that.

YOU DO deserve more than that.

YOU are cherished.

YOU are lovable and LOVED.

YOU are NOT a failure.

YOU are NOT hopeless.

It WILL get better.

YOU are forgiven.

YOU are free.

YOU are unique and your talents need to be shared.

YOU are NOT fat.

YOU are incredible.

You need to know these things and YOU need to believe them.  You need to believe God.

Yeah – YOU.

Covering you in prayer,


PS – if you don’t know Jesus Christ and want to know Him, please contact me:


3 thoughts on “You Need To Know

  1. Wow, tonight i was looking for an answer and I found it, right now I´m surprised for this lecture and also I cant believe it that I found the aswer to my question and the real words that always I was waiting for listening. During I was reading this I am good enough! It was everything than I wanted to know.


    • You are correct! You are good enough. Who sets those standards that people are not good enough anyway? I pray that more people will come to realize this about themselves, step out into what they’re called to do, and help others know that they are good enough as well. What a difference this can make in this world!


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