I have been known to ‘all of a sudden’ cut my hair.  Ever since I was old enough to have permission to do so, I have always just decided at the most spontaneous moment that it was time to chop the hair or color it really funky.  This familiar action took place again this past Wednesday.  One of the main things that women say to me when they see me and my new do is “I wish I were brave enough to do that!”

I have shaken this phrase off because I hear it so often but something was different about hearing it this past week.  I wish I were brave enough to do that.  My question back is “Why aren’t you?!?!”  Now you know this is about to go in a total different direction than just talking about hair.

There are things that people do all the time where I find myself saying, “I wish I were brave enough to do that.”  Their question back to me would mostly be, “Why aren’t you?”  The answer is — I don’t know. 

I think we build these ideas in our heads of how it should be or what needs to be in place before we actually step out and do something brave.  What are we waiting for?  Who are we waiting on?

In my situation, it’s just hair.  It will grow back (hopefully).  So even if you step out to get it chopped off, so what if it gets messed up?!?!  Some of you may not know that I actually attempted this same hair style last summer and it did get messed up.  A miscommunication during a salon visit can be traumatic!  I got lots of compliments during that awkward hair phase (I think they were genuine) and I got through it. 

I know for myself that I am pretty quick to get my hair chopped off but at the same time TERRIFIED to step out into something challenging yet fulfilling.  I use the excuse “I don’t want to make a move out of God’s will” or “I’m just waiting on God”

I am afraid of failure, shoot… I’m afraid of success.  I’m afraid of starting something just to quit.  Funny, huh?  Actually it’s pretty sad.

Lately I have been challenged with the question (and I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions on this one) what’s the difference between waiting on God vs Stepping out to tackle your dream?  I’m told by wonderful people/mentors, “You just have to  be praying fervently, reading the Word, and waiting on God.”  Then I’m told by other wonderful people/mentors, “Honey, you need to get up and MOVE.  God has great things for you but you need to step out to seek them.”  I have found myself very conflicted with this lately.  I’m confused.  Very.

You guys KNOW that I KNOW fear.  Fear moved in and hung out with me for over a year of my life along with her cousins Paralyzing Fear, Anxiety, Panic, and Depression.  Talk about guests wearing out their welcome.  I have noticed that the memory of fear still hangs around though – luckily for me I know Jesus Christ and I know that the God has not given me a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV) and that PERFECT LOVE casts out all fear (1 John 4:18).  I am so thankful for God’s Word and the Holy Spirit that dwells in me. 

It has really been on my heart to write about this bravery thing.  Why are we so afraid?  Why am I so afraid? 

I pray that the Spirit stirs our hearts so aggressively that we can’t hold back any longer! 

Acts 17:28 ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’

LIVE ABUNDANTLY!!!!!!! **yelling in the mirror**




  1. April,
    First, let me just say I have enjoyed reading your blog and I encourage you to keep writing because it encourages me. Here’s my piece of advice on this subject. I firmly believe that God will ALWAYS provide you with everything you need, but you have to allow him to do so. God will always put the right people in your path and give you the resources took need if

    • Thank you so much for commenting! It’s always encouraging to know that God has put big things on your heart to write about and that it is actually reaching someone! Every time I write, I think, “if it just reaches ONE person (whether they comment or not) it is worth it. So thanks again for commenting. Thanks for sharing your opinion as well! I believe this too – we have to step out with our focus on Him and He’ll make the opportunities happen, the people show up, and the resources appear.

  2. It might mean different things at different times in our lives. Sometimes we should be still and wait… but I think we have a solid directive from God in those moments. It’s certainly a right response at times, but ALL TOO OFTEN, ‘waiting on God’ becomes a breeding ground for apathy, laziness and fear. It shouldn’t be our default, and for many of us, it is. Forget what your community says – find a passage of Scripture to hang your hat on. Otherwise, you’ll end up just trading one person’s opinion for the next, and the next… For me, The Parable Of The Talents is a compass (in this season of my life). I’ve been given my 2 little talents and charged to grow it, to make the most of what I’ve been given of my gifting, of my resources, of my time… I’m responsible for my choices, and I don’t want to be found on the sidelines waiting for direction when I’ve been given direction already. GO DO IT. Better to fail while moving, than to fail by standing still. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. An object at rest tends to stay at rest.

    • Thanks for posting, Chance! The way you put words together moves me. This is so convicting to me right now: “GO DO IT. Better to fail while moving, than to fail by standing still. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. An object at rest tends to stay at rest.” Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. It’s very simple , God helps those who help themselves ….,He will show up when you are working your hardest on a daily basis .

  4. First let me say, and yes I guess I am from the others camp, that if the pictures you posted here are of you new dew then you are beautiful! Oh, and so is the hair cut. unfortunately I have never had all that much faith in God or the bible, in my life it has shown me nothing but heartache and grief and not so much disappointment, but that story is for another post on my blog, and it will explain how in my life that I lost my faith in God. But I always envy others who hold strong to the words of God and who are strong in their faith. I have seen alot of things in my life that has turned me from religion and has shaken my ability to have faith in anything including man. So are you wondering if I believe in God, probably not as you see it, I do agree that there is a divine personage that is out there. But I think he has been twisted by what we call modern religion. I don’t want this to turn into a religious debate, but I was trying to get to a point, and I have lost myself somewhere in this reply and forgotten my point. Now I will have to go back and read your post again and hopefully find what I was going to really get at. Please don;t judge me based on what I have written here, for I am a simple man with large problems.

    • Thank you for visiting and posting. I appreciate that although you do not have faith in God, you were very kind in your post on my page. I know many people who do not believe what I believe and I do not hold that against them. The one thing I always ask though, just to challenge yourself, is just to cry out to God. Ask Him if He is real. I believe God hears those desperate cries…even with wavering faith. I am so grateful that you have visited my page/read my blog despite my relationship with Jesus Christ. I am not a mental health professional so I just speak from my heart about my own experiences and how faithful God was through the whole process. It was very easy for my mind to drift into places of despair like …”Why have you done this to me, Father!??!!?” OR “Where are You!?! Why are you allowing this to happen?!?!” I did have doubt and it rocked my faith BIG TIME but I chose to believe Him and His Word and that is truly what delivered me. Thanks for your honesty and for giving my blog a chance. I am praying for you (whether you believe in prayer or not). :o) And no worries, no judgement here, my friend.


      • I really appreciate your honesty, I very refreshing to me. Many people find out about my apparent lack of faith and dismiss me entirely. I am glad that you haven’t and that returns my faith in others to a point, It has been no little struggle that I have had with this, and I will try to put a post out there about why I have lost my faith in God as most see him, I do believe that there is a higher power out there, I just don’t know if it is God? If and when I put this post out you will see why and when it all happened, please read it and I would look forward to your input on the post. It will be out there soon.

      • I wrote about some of the things that have taken my faith and belief in God away from me, I hope that you will read it and try to understand the content of what it is that I have tried to write and why, I have not put all the things in there as to all the reasons I have lost my way but have out just the begging and some of the end of what has happened to me and some of the influences that out me where I am today. I wanted to spill all but with some of the information, well it is hard to look at for me and relating the story of my father and mother was hard enough as it was. Would that I could tell the entire story of my down fall from grace, I think it might lift a great weight off my shoulders. Thank you for reading this and I hope you will read the post and gain just a little insight into what it is like to be me.

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