The Lord really speaks to me when I’m quiet and alone with Him in nature.  Today I walked on a beautiful trail and asked God to fill my heart with wisdom.  The funny thing is- He started to affirm me and speak Truth over me and THEN… I heard “I want you to write about how Jesus is not an accessory.”  This totally caught me off guard but then made me laugh as the blog immediately formed in my head.

So I am here to tell you – Jesus is NOT an accessory. 


A thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

So often, especially in our western cultural “christianity”, your social status is determined by which church you attend, if you’re a Believer, what you DO for God, and if you can speak the native “christianese” language.

My dear friends, God wants you to know that Jesus is NOT an accessory.  He came for EVERYONE.  We are all equal in Christ Jesus.  He’s not something that we add to ourselves to give us that final ‘pop’, like a new pair of feather earrings, or a pair of toms, or whatever the latest trend may be… He is the source of our existence.  Not something we show off in group settings, or name drop to climb our way up the social ladder. 

Tony said to me the other day as a REALLY nice, expensive car passed by, “We have cars that seperate people.  If you drive ‘that’ type of car you are of a different status… but if you drive this type of car (with the 3 hub caps), you are categorized in a lower status.”  We both giggled but when you think deeper into it – it’s so true.

I think we sometimes need a heart check (I know I do) because we can forget that Jesus is everything!  He is the firm foundation, He is my next breath, my next heart beat, my Redeemer, and so much more! 

Jesus is not an accessory.

Love to you!



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