A Soul Escaping

Hey brothers and sisters!

I have to express this new found freedom to you!  Neil Anderson spoke at my church on September
10th about Freedom from Fear.
It was such a great, eye opening teaching!

Do you ever think about how often we fear what people think
of us? If you don’t have this problem, I envy you.  Not really, just am very happy for you that
you do not struggle with the fear of man.
Before I was a Christian I guess I can say I really didn’t care what
people thought.  I was tough and if you
had a problem with me… well, I’d probably hunt you down and kick your butt – or
at least threaten you in some way or another after cussing you out.  But for some reason once I gave my heart to
Jesus I guess I got confused and went from one end of the spectrum to the total
opposite end.

I always felt if I hurt someone’s feelings or messed up then
I would represent God in a wrong way and could cause someone’s walk to become
hindered therefore, I have let people rip me apart, stomp on me, and tell me
their opinions about me that are completely hurtful and not from a place of

I have been afraid.  I
have been afraid of what other people think about me.

This is a place of bondage that has suffocated me for YEARS!
Not worthy, not good enough, not “Christian” enough, not smart enough and the
list goes on and on.  All lies might I

Have I believed those lies? Absolutely.  Which lead to a stunt in my walk and growth
and kept me in bondage.

Do I still believe those lies? NOPE. Not anymore.  God has shined light into darkness.  I feel like He knocked on the door of my soul
and said “Come out, April.  Reach out for
My hand and let Me lead you into the light where you belong.” And as I reached
out for Him, He removed the lies… years of filth… and made me new.

I love people but I can’t please all people … and I don’t
have to.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

My soul has escaped.


In Freedom,


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