Here And Now

Happy Memorial Day!!!!

I always want to write and update about what’s going on in our lives but then I feel like there is just too much… lol!

For the past 5 days we have been house sitting for my in-laws while they are away in Omaha for my nephew’s graduation from high school. We stayed behind to watch their house and dog… spoiled dog. I feel like I have kept up with my child and a newborn for 5 days. :o)

It has been such a sweet blessing at the same time though. There home feels like ‘home’ to me.

Tony and I are stoked to one day have our own home again. For those of you who don’t know us we bought a home shortly after we married and within about a year of living there we had a baby, Tony lost his job, I lost my job, our savings dwindled to a big fat ZERO within a few months and before we knew it we had our house on the market while we were moving in with my in-laws. Thank God we finally sold our house (shortsale), after a year of living with the in-laws (couped up in one bedroom with a new baby)we moved to an apartment in Spring Hill to get back on our feet. A year after the Spring Hill apartment I was working at a better job and so was Tony – so we moved to an apartment in Brentwood … you can read some of my recent blogs about the floor issue in Brentwood and God’s request to our hearts to move again – this time to an apartment in Franklin.

Our Franklin apartment is such a humbling blessing in disguise. We see the work of the Lord all around us and we are so stoked for our future! We are on the Dave Ramsey plan and are so thankful for a chance to start over. We are enjoying the moment but being taken out of our ‘comfort zone’ … or the “bubble” as me and Tony call it – has really helped us to get a plan in action. I am pumped to one day write to you on here with all the details of our new house!!!! Until then I’ll document the journey.

God bless you and keep you! AND… God bless our soldiers who defend our country. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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