I don’t even know how to begin writing this so I’m going to let my thoughts roll off of my fingertips without thinking twice about making this sound good – how it turns out is how it turns out.

I’m exhausted.

The weekend before last we moved. You can read the previous blogs for that whole story. We had some amazing friends help us with our move. Within a week I almost had every box unpacked and all the miscellaneous items put away.

Within that ONE week a lot has happend including but not limited to – two sleepless nights and Tony’s car being scratched by a bicycle handle bar with no rubber protector. *Sigh*

Our new apartment was a bottom level and one night we noticed that our upstairs neighbor sounded like she was running back and forth through her apartment from around 11:00 PM – 4:00 AM Non stop. Very odd. Tony and I did not sleep at all that night. We reported this disturbance to the office and the neighbor was notified of the disturbance. The next night … the exact same thing.

Long story short – the property manager told us we could move upstairs in another building. This past weekend we moved to that other building.

Seriously… we moved then moved again.

Although I’m complaining I have to share the silver lining.

God called us to this move and we moved in obedience. In that one week after our first move we didn’t feel peace. Not that I question God but I was confused.

When we entered the upstairs apartment immediately the peace came over us. I can’t say what God’s plan was in this double move – but I can say what the enemy means for bad God can turn to good and the final result was overwhelming peace that only God can provide.

I’ll be writing another blog in a bit that explains some other things that were going on during the past two weeks that I don’t feel fit in this particular blog.

So anyway – a double move – not something I would have planned for but God has provided peace, strength, and a way. He is good. Always.

Happy Monday!


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