Here We Go

I am sitting on the floor of my “old” bedroom. I’m looking around this room and it’s so spacious… it’s actually pretty huge! Lots of sunlight… and did I mention spacious? The three windows (yes, three)are open and the breeze from this goregous spring day is coming in to this room. I hear the birds and now I hear a lawn mower of some sort – where the landscapers are working to keep this place so crisp and beautiful.

While I should be finishing packing, I thought I would sit down to blog and take in this moment.

Trinity and I just left our new apartment. We tied up the loose ends while Tony is at work and got our keys! The property manager took us through our new apartment to make sure everything checked out okay – and it was okay.

My fleshly side – the new apartment is small. It’s dark because it’s on the back side of the unit so there are lots of trees… which make for great privacy but it’s still dark in the inside. AND… it’s small. Did I mention small? The pool – is small. Just one pool … a small one. The playground area is … you guessed it! SMALL! (<–I find it funny that I just typed the word ‘small’ in big letters) :o)

My fleshly side somemore – I put Trinity down for a nap one last time in her ‘old’ room and look around at how big her room is. I then closed the blinds … all THREE of them to block out all of the sunlight coming into her room. I then travel back to the kitchen to put her milk cup in the sink and look at our awesome, spacious kitchen with black appliances and dark counter tops.

I don’t want to lie to you and make this sound (as Tony would say) all “butterflies annd rainbows” – These are my true reactions and thoughts to what we are about to do. I do have flesh that is tied to this world BUT THANK THE LORD, JESUS – that I have a spirit that is just passing through a foriegn country.

God’s sweet “God-nods” – The property manager from our new complex told me this morning that the apartment we are moving to just got new carpet, vinyl, stove, and bath tub! WOW! The property manager also told me she wasn’t going to charge us for today or tomorrow for rent – she would just start fresh with May 1st. That’s a big deal! That’s a God thing! Also while waiting for the property manager to return to the office from lunch I let Trinity play at the playground for a bit and met a sweet woman and her two kids who live in the complex. She is a Believer and we hit it off really quickly. She lives one building over from us. Her family is doing the same thing my family is doing – (I’m not sure if they were called by God because we didn’t go that deep) sacrificing now and saving money/ getting priorities straight so they can soon buy a house the right way. It was total comformation from God.

Well – I have tons to do and if I keep typing those things won’t get done.

I just wanted to end this blog with telling you how much I love and trust the God we serve. He is so faithful and His peace has been so evident from the moment he put this call of obedience on me and Tony’s heart. I love how He changes our plans and shows us new paths and makes us conquer our flesh! He is worthy of ALL praise!!!

In Christ,


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